Worldwide Santa Claus Summit

UPDATE on the FREE “Worldwide Santa Summit One 2020”Santa’s from across the country will present on the following subjects (and more) during the summit…
10:00:00 AM 10:15:00 AM Ed Taylor Looking Ahead
10:15:00 AM 10:30:00 AM Joe Pridgen Santas Answers
10:30:00 AM 10:45:00 AM Joe Pridgen Santas Answers
10:45:00 AM 11:00:00 AM BREAK
11:00:00 AM 11:15:00 AM Greg Swiech Letter from Santa
11:15:00 AM 11:30:00 AM Greg Swiech Letter from Santa
11:30:00 AM 11:45:00 AM Ric Erwin Local Networking
11:45:00 AM 12:00:00 PM BREAK
12:00:00 PM 12:15:00 PM Mark Stepherson Poem & Creative Inspiration
12:15:00 PM 12:30:00 PM Ed Taylor
Doing Good All Year
12:30:00 PM 12:45:00 PM Ed Taylor Doing Good All Year
12:45:00 PM 1:00:00 PM BREAK
1:00:00 PM 1:15:00 PM Blake Anthony Voice Tips for Santa
1:15:00 PM 1:30:00 PM Cortney Lofton Santas Workshop
1:30:00 PM 1:45:00 PM Barry Cummings Sleigh Pilot Santa
1:45:00 PM 2:00:00 PM BREAK
2:00:00 PM 2:15:00 PM Bob Osterhoudt Creating Your Home Studio
2:15:00 PM 2:30:00 PM PANEL Videos & Video Marketing
2:30:00 PM 2:45:00 PM PANEL
Videos & Video Marketing
2:45:00 PM 3:00:00 PM BREAK
3:00:00 PM 3:15:00 PM Kat Imhausen Sign Language
3:15:00 PM 3:30:00 PM Joe Nameteko Photo Studio
3:30:00 PM 3:45:00 PM Ed Taylor New Opportunities
3:45:00 PM 4:00:00 PM WRAP UP

Would you like to learn from the experiences of other Santas… for FREE & from the comfort of your own home? 

All you need is a computer, tablet or phone you can use to access the Internet.

You can register here now-  CLICK HERE

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  1. Tony Gentilcore

    A good question to ask for a survey is do you think that your business will decrease due to the events or increase 2 peoples desire to get back to normal.

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