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Webcam Teleprompter – Little Prompter

I’ve been creating “Videos from Santa” since 2007 and I’ve tried everything I could think of to make them better and to produce them faster. I started with a camcorder and my notes on nearby whiteboards and evolved to a webcam and post it notes near the lens.

The videos always fell a bit short. Regardless of how hard I tried to memorize the script or how close to the camera I posted my notes I would always lose that all important eye contact with the lens… the Little Prompter changes that!

In less than 5 minutes the “Little Prompter” took me from 11 years as an amateur to a real professional.

Now with my script scrolling right in front of the camera lens, the videos are simply amazing… Santa is actually talking directly to you.  I love it… and so do the children who watch the videos.

Little Prompter Links

Little Prompter

Joe Allen’s Teleprompter Premium APP (iOS)
App Store

Mini Desktop Tabletop Tripod ZOMEI ZM-HR-CK30-RED-01

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

“Santa” Ed Taylor
That Santa Guy

Little Prompter – Webcam Prompter Review 11-10-18

2 Responses to Webcam Teleprompter – Little Prompter

  • Excellent review, Ed! I like that you have your camera and the Little Prompter on a tripod. It puts the camera at eye height, making it more “conversational” without the common “up-the-nose” view of laptop and phone cameras. It also avoids light artefacts from the computer screen and keeps the colors correct. I’ve seen the Little Promoter before, but not so extensive a review/how-to as yours. It’s definitely going on my wish list!

    Without wishing to hijack the post, I’m curious about the audio. Are you using the built-in camera mike?

  • Thanks. Yes, the built in mic.

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