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101 Questions for Santa (and their answers)

FREE Webinar- There are many important aspects of portraying Santa Claus, especially when it comes to being an extraordinary Santa.

Being prepared for the dozens of different questions children, tweens, teens, parents and grandparents can ask is very helpful and very comforting to every Santa.

Learn from experienced Santa’s who have “been there, done that”.

The webinar will be conducted on Tuesday, March 28th ALL Santas & Mrs. Claus’ are welcome!

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YES, this session will be video recorded and the recording will be available to ALL 2017 Members of The Santa Claus Conservatory.

Tax Tip for 2017 – You’ll love it!

In keeping with the topic of Tuesday’s free webinar “Tax Time: What Santa’s Need to Know” my tip this week is tax related.

About this time last year I came across one of the business Apps I have on my iPhone. It’s a mileage tracking that detects every trip automatically. At the end of the day you simply add a memo to your business trips add slide them to the right. That’s it!

Since every 1,000 miles is worth $535 I’m saving thousands… all automatically!

You get complete reporting of your total miles and your “work” miles. The reports are all downloadable… I LOVE IT!

It’s called Everlance. Check it out, here’s your custom link: https://bnc.lt/E9ac/m3xXAVeyNw

FREE TAX Webinar

Many of us Santa’s are self-employed, or Independent Contractors, and this can lead to some interesting tax questions. Santa Steve Eastis, the Treasurer/CFO of the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas and former Tax Preparer in the State of California will give us valuable tips we can use to get all of the write-offs we’re entitled to.

Steve will also make us aware of things we can’t write off as well as potential “red flags” that might catch the eye of the IRS.

This session was recorded on 2-28-17 and is available to all members (GOLD, Sliver & Free) of The Santa Claus Conservatory.

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Consider receiving this Gift from Santa

At a Santa gathering yesterday I was asked a question that I’ve been thinking about now for just over 24 hours. “How, without dying or cutting your beard, do you go out and not get recognized as Santa Claus?”

I pretty much said there’s no way. He, like me, is a naturally white bearded guy and it doesn’t matter what you wear, a man with a fairly long white beard IS going to be “recognized” as Santa.

But here’s what got me thinking… WHY would you not want to be recognized as Santa?

Now I get it, I’m weird, but I’m not alone and YOU may be just as weird as I am. There are at least a few of us who have used our portrayal of Santa as a personal improvement opportunity.

By nature I’m a bit introverted, Santa as allowed me to be more outgoing (something I’ve working on since way before becoming Santa), “being” Santa has also caused me to use a less coarse vocabulary, exercise more self-control and, all in all, refrain from more negative behaviors while consciously (and now often subconsciously) exhibiting more positive behaviors like being more thoughtful & more considerate.

Here’s my more refined answer to this question: Consider the reason you don’t want to be recognized as Santa… is it because you feel the behavior you are considering is unbecoming of Santa? If so, is that behavior not equally as unbecoming of you?

If you started portraying Santa because you liked keeping the Spirit of Christmas alive and being the source of many smiles and good feelings that’s great… me too. And, consider what a true gift Santa can be to you if you would use his inspiration to live your life in a way that is more congruent with YOUR “Higher Self”.

Just a little food for thought coming from me in Los Angeles on a very soggy Sunday afternoon.


Hi Ed,

During the past 30 years or so, I used to allow my beard to grow during the fall and winter, and then either shave it off, or trim it in the spring.  About 20 years ago, my beard started getting white, and many people and children told me I look like Santa Claus.

About 10 years ago, I bought a Santa Claus hat, and I would wear it right after Thanksgiving Day whenever I went outdoors.  When children would see me, I would let out a ho,ho,ho, or ask their parents if their children were behaving.  After Christmas, I would trim my beard very short, to decrease my Santa look.

In 2014, I went to Santa school, and in December 2014,  I landed a job as a mall Santa.  So then, although I was an official Santa, right after Christmas, I still trimmed my beard.  In 2015 I became an independent Santa, and once again, I trimmed my beard after Christmas.  I did the same this past year.

The biggest reason I would trim my beard, is because I believe that Santa returns to the North Pole after Christmas.  I think many people believe the same. I also do not like being Santa 365 days a year.  I like to just be me.

In addition to trimming my beard after Christmas, I would also stop wearing my metal Santa glasses, and also stop wearing red.  Although I am trying to hide my Santa look, adults still recognize me as Santa, but children usually do not.  It seems that children need to see the white beard, along with some red clothing.

Now getting back to the beard.  This past year, I had a really nice beard.  I debated whether I should trim it.  After I got it trimmed, I instantly missed my beard.  Right now it is starting to grow back, and once again, it is starting to look good.  I decided to allow it to grow, but not super long.  And like I said above, I will not wear my metal Santa glasses, and I will avoid wearing red.  And I’m sure that adults will still recognize me as Santa, and if some children still recognize me as Santa, which sometimes happens, I’ll give them my “SHHH! Santa’s supposed to be in the North Pole!”

The other night during the Webinar, you went into deep thoughts on how your persona of Santa, and the business of Santa, and all its different aspects, has helped shape who you are today.  As you were sharing, I couldn’t help thinking about a line form David Bowie’s song, Changes. The line says: “I watched the ripples change their size, but never leave the stream of warm impermanence.”  What that means to me is, that although we go through a lot of different changes during our lifetime, we are still ourselves.


DearSanta Ed  

This is just a knee jerk response to your post.  
I have had a desire to down-dress and put on a low recognition to being Santa.  in the beginning days of HO HO-ness;  I use to par-take in consuming “ Adult Beverages “ and would dress in a style that would down play my first impression to others that I was a Santa;  or wanted to be recognized as a Santa.  Basically I was trying to hide in public as  another “ Carbon-Base Unit ” in a crowd of many.  To consume my choice of liquids in a public place,  yet still in a private situation.  My style of dress / presentation was to dress as a simple “ Dirt-Bag Biker  /  ZZ – Top Retired Guitar Player ” looking for a job.    So attire would be black Levi’s,  Harley T-shirt, Black Hoodie,   tuck the beard in the shirt,  putting a Dew-Rag on my hair/head and change my style of glasses or not wear any at all.   It works,  or it has worked for me.  Current status to consume “ Adult Beverages” came to an end 15 years ago on my own desires.   
PART-2 of a desire to go out and not be recognized as Santa;  would be just for simple public alone time in BEING quite.  Not wanting to go into stories of HO HO-ness if anyone would desire to ask.  Reason(s) being that ( I am a Mall Santa )  and after a full season of 6 plus weeks in talking – story telling – always being some what on stage where ever you are,  where ever you go,  planning to BE – or not planning to BE – or – DOING  Santa-ness during the season from October to New Years Eve :  right after the season there is some times and being in some places where I would like to down play and not seek any attention in being recognized as a Santa.  To be quite and not have to talk to someone,  or having to listen to someone.  You kinda-sorta get all talked out;  as well It is a small case of  “ PTSD ” coming out of the Christmas Season,  and it becomes where you want to re-ground yourself as a normal human;  yet you do have and know of blessings in being a Santa Claus.  
Also if you are with your spouse and want to be in the moment of just “ Her & You “ in talking and just BEING together as a couple,  it is nice to not to be interrupted to project your Santa HO HO-ness.    
You have commented from a very positive frame of mind and it shows you are well grounded in BEING and DOING Santa-ness.  Yet from one narrow existence in my doings of Santa Claus;  it is reasonable to ask and desire to lower the capacity to catch someone’s eye to think you are a Santa.   Now of course if it is a Child that calls out “ HO HO “ =>  well next heart beat I am all the Santa I can be and offer a full Tsunami in the Magic of Santa Claus and Christmas.  
Thank You => you have offered a great source of HO HO-ness Crock-Pot soaking to help better the Life and Times of being a Santa Claus.  
Yours in HO HO-ness
Always Believe in the Magic and Keep Christmas in Your Heart.  
MY RESPONSE: We all need to find the best way for us individually to portray Santa and to find the proper balance for how Santa fits into our lives. 🙂

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