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Increased Rates = More Bookings?

I’ve had several Santa’s tell me that when they raised their rates their bookings increased. I have personally experienced the same thing.

I’m NOT saying that increasing rates caused increased bookings… I’m not sure if that’s true. I suspect it has more to do with being another year smarter with marketing efforts, perhaps having more referrals and probably being a bit more confident, and it’s also a possibility that charging a little more may actually increase your perceived value.

By the way, if you are considering the idea of giving yourself a raise this season now is a great time to update your rates on your website and online profiles.

FREE WEBINAR– “18 Costly & Embarrassing Santa Mistakes” this Thursday. Learn more & register here- https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/1805949330754129922

FREE Webinar- 18 Common, Costly & Embarrassing Mistakes Made by Pro Santas & Mrs Claus’

Perhaps the greatest value of The Santa Claus Conservatory is the sharing of experiences amongst Santas & Mrs. Claus’.

With over 1,000 members worldwide, and years of shared knowledge, we’ve assembled the most complete professional Santa & Mrs. Claus training library in the world. Many hours of training is absolutely free to your FREE Members.

If you’re not already a member join here now…

And, as important as learning what TO DO is… perhaps even more important is learning what NOT TO DO.

DATE CHANGE- Thursday, May 25th 5:30 PM Pacific time.

This session can save you money and perhaps, more importantly, it can save you from anxiety and embarrassment.

I’ve narrowed the focus of this session down to 18 mistakes…

These are not little mistakes, like forgetting to put on your Santa glasses. These are big mistakes that can cost you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

Mistakes that can get your name in the newspaper… for all of the wrong reasons.

This session is free to all members, including FREE Members of The Santa Claus Conservatory. Members can simply log in to register. Non-members can join in 30 seconds and then log in, and register.

Of course, this session will be video recorded and will be available to all, even FREE members through 2017.

The live session will be conducted, Thursday, May 15th at 5:30 Pacific Time.

Santa Wisdom Captured & Shared

I’m working on my new “Santa actor” website & I would love to hear your thoughts- https://edtaylor.com/

What More Do We Memorialize? (PLEASE add your suggestions at the bottom of this post)

Over the past several years I’ve worked hard to create a deep reservoir of shared wisdom & experiences for Santas & Mrs. Claus’ across the country and around the world.

Well over 40 hours of video recorded sessions, interviews, conversations and Q&A with dozens of incredibly talented and experienced Santas & Mrs. Claus’ are currently available.

3 Excellent Session You Can Immediately Access for FREE

  1. “18 Tips to Make this Your Best Santa Season Ever”
  2. “101 Questions for Santa Claus (with answers)”
  3. “Professional Santa Claus Season Debrief”

For only $47 (Sliver Membership) you can access 5 additional sessions.

  1. “9 Tips to Earn More & Have More Fun as Santa”
  2. “Beard Whitening & Care”
  3. “Simple Sign Language for Santa & Mrs. Claus”
  4. “Being Mrs. Claus”
  5. “Being Santa Claus for Children with Special Needs”

GOLD Members ($197) also receive 12 more sessions:

  1. How to Set Up Your Santa Business to Maximize Your Fun & Income
  2. How to Market Your Santa Business for Maximum Fun & Income
  3. Home Visits- How to Book More & Perform Better
  4. How to Become an Extraordinary Santa Claus
  5. How to Use Video Chats to Boost Your Income While Having Fun from Home
  6. How to Book & Perform Corporate Visits
  7. How to Get on TV for Fun and Profits
  8. How to Develop Other Revenue Sources as Santa Claus
  9. How to Book & Perform Community Events
  10. Storytelling as Santa – The Coal Story
  11. The Mistakes Santa’s Make Session (Santa’s from across the country share mistakes they’ve made as Santa.
  12. Working with Photo Studios as Santa Claus

Recent Reviews

“My take away from taking all of the classes was a feeling of confidence.  I really felt that I had a lot to learn. I enjoy how everything was presented, down to earth and joyful.”

Santa Rich Axline

“Fantastic information and tutelage from Ed. I personally most benefited from the information on SEO and GigSalad. My “Google Ranking” is much higher now! Thanks, Ed and Lori. I’ll continue to review all of the back years and renew next year. Like Rick Rosenthal stated, your service provides a great value to the Santa community! Keep up the great work!”

Santa Michael Wilson

“Becoming a Gold Member of the Conservatory was hands down the best decision this Mrs. Claus made in her rookie season.”

Jacki Chamberlain Simply Mrs. Claus

“I loved the classes! For this being my first year, it was very helpful, so Thank you very much!”

Mike Nichols

“Ed covered everything from how to become an excellent Santa to improving the business side of Santa. Ed even showed opportunities for the off season!

I highly recommend Ed Taylor’s extraordinary classes.”

“Santa Bob” Osterhoudt

TV Commercial Conflicts

If you book an Internet or TV commercial be sure to read the contract very closely.

It’s common practice for them to include “non-compete” language. One contract I saw recently included very broad restrictions for 4 years. I’ve also heard horror stories of “in perpetuity” restrictions.

Santa Claus Chrysler Commercial

Chrysler Commercial Santa Claus

Local non-union commercials often pay between $500 & $1,500 and national commercials can pay $3,500 to $35,000. Imagine if you were paid $500 and signed a contract that caused you to be ineligible for a national commercial that could have paid you many thousands of dollars.

I’ve been incredibly fortunate when it comes to being Santa Claus on TV & movies and I’ve been fortunate enough to have one of the top talent agents in the country to protect me from these kinds of things.

I’ve had a ton of fun and earned a lot of money from the Entertainment Industry. I encourage you to pursue it… and be very cautious of any contract you sign.

Remember, as exciting as it is to book a commercial, you can negotiate the details. On SAG-AFTRA Union jobs your get compensated for “holding a conflict”.

Me, You, Santa Claus and Ego…


Of these 3 there is one I would like to have, one I wouldn’t and one I’m not too sure about.

Here are the definitions:
1. a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.
“a boost to my ego”
synonyms: self-esteem, self-importance, self-worth, self-respect, self-image, self-confidence “the defeat was a bruise to his ego”

self-es·teemˈˌself əˈstēm/
1. confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.
“assertiveness training for those with low self-esteem” synonyms: self-respect, pride, dignity, self-regard, faith in oneself;

1. having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.
“he’s arrogant and opinionated” synonyms: haughty, conceited, self-important, egotistic, full of oneself, superior;

As Santa, it seems to me that having high self-esteem is important.

  • Having confidence in our ability to convincingly portray Santa Claus.
  • Having confidence in our ability to but on a fun “performance” as Santa.
  • Having confidence in our ability to answer the questions Santa gets.
  • Having confidence in our personal look as well as our wardrobe.

All of these things add to our ability to be extraordinary in our portrayal of Santa. They also allow us to relax and have more fun “being” Santa.

For me being self-confident is primarily the result of 2 things.

  1. Preparation.
  2. Being OK with any result.

When I make an appearance as Santa, whether in a parade, on a TV or movie set, at a corporate event or a small home party… I do my homework. I work to learn names & memorize lines, I pamper my appearance… and then I let it all go.

I don’t stress in the moment, I just respond to whatever is happening.

I do the best I can and I know that I’m doing the best I can… and if things turn out great, GREAT… and if not, I know I did the best I could have done.

AFTER the appearance, I do a personal “debrief”. I ask myself what I could have done to make things go better. I make notes. Next time I try to make improvements in any, every, way I can.

Having high self-esteem, and being self-confident as Santa adds to the fun we have and the fun everyone else has.

Ego… have a healthy one.

Arrogance… When what we give is more important than what we get humility will replace arrogance. I want to be compensated for what I do… but I do what I do I because I have found it a gratifying way for me to serve others. It’s that service that leads the way to compensation… not the other way around.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

P.S. The “Getting PAID to be Santa Claus for the Entertainment Industry” classes start tonight. 3 “seats” remain.

Access 3 excellent Santa Claus training sessions now- FREE!

In hindsight the biggest mistake I made portraying Santa Claus was this…

In my first 7 years portraying Santa Claus I didn’t gain 7 years of experience… I basically had 1 year of experience 7 times.

Here’s what I mean…

Years, 2-7 were essentially repeats for year one.

I may have heard a few new questions but my portrayal of Santa didn’t really improve. I didn’t create any little vignettes or question set-ups to add fun to my interactions. I didn’t make any significant improvements. I wasn’t better at reading stories. I didn’t create any of my own stories. My sequence of events at parties didn’t improve. My look, performance, Ho Ho Ho… nothing was much better in year 7 than they were in year one.

The year that changed EVERYTHING…

My 8th year I went from a “volunteer” Santa to a “paid” Santa… and I also went from a person just enjoying a little community service oriented pastime, to a man on a mission to become a year-round, high-income producing extraordinary Santa Claus.

Here’s what I discovered…

Santas Sharing with Santas

There is immense wisdom in the Santas across the country and around the world. There are

There are Santas with decades of experience.

There are Santas who are truly expert at storytelling, story-reading, performing community events, beard whitening, working in malls, appearing at home parties and working with children with special needs… and SO MUCH MORE. Santas we can learn so much from! 

I even found Santas who experienced at being cast on TV shows and in commercials and movies…

The-Santa-Claus-Conservatory.com is a platform where Santas share what we have learned. A place where the experiences of other Santas are captured and retained so we, and future generations of Santas, can all benefit from them.

Dozens and dozens of Santas have now shared their experiences and they are now forever achieved on many of the videos we have within the Conservatory.

Well over 1,000 Santas and Mrs Claus’ have become members, participated in webinars and watched recorded sessions.

Now, all of us Santas, regardless of income, location, health or work schedule can access this wisdom and improve our performance and portrayal of Santa or Mrs Claus.

We can also learn how to better operate and build our Santa businesses… we can become exponentially better as Santa by not only learning from our own personal experiences but also learning from the experiences other Santas & Mrs Claus’ across the country and even around the world.

It now comes down to us… do we have a commitment to improving in our portrayal of Santa or Mrs Claus?

I have personally committed to “kaizen” in my portrayal of Santa and in many other aspects of my life. Kaizen (改善), is the Japanese word for “continuous improvement “. My first 7 years I gave virtually no thought to improvement… I now I think about it daily.

You can now learn from me and other Santas by accessing 3 excellent sessions at The-Santa-Claus-Conservatory.com ALL for absolutely FREE.

You can also access much, much more. Learn about Silver, Gold & Platinum membership now at: The-Santa-Claus-Conservatory.com

Being Santa on TV. Are you Interested?

Thanks to the Entertainment Industry Santa’s across the country are adding $500 to $30,000 (or more) to their annual income.

Commercials, appearances on TV programs & movies, modeling for ads and doing voice-over work can all add more fun and more money to your portrayal of Santa Claus.

In the past 4 years, I’ve personally appeared on 12 TV shows, shot 11 TV commercials (5 of which were national), been in 2 films and 5 Internet commercials.In addition to earning tens of thousands of “extra” dollars I also have qualified to join the SAG-AFTRA union and now my wife and I are even covered under the union’s excellent health insurance plan.

I know I’ve been extremely lucky and I’ve worked incredibly hard… I’m not for a minute saying that you could or should follow in my footsteps. But I have talked with dozens of Santa’s across the country who have used the “entertainment industry” to build some very nice “extra income”.

For those interested, I’ve put together a 3-session series of webinars focused on how you can get started in the Entertainment Industry this year.

In addition to these 3 sessions, I will be your personal 1-on-1 mentor and coach for the rest of 2017.

I’ve had a blast and learned so much by tapping into the Entertainment Industry. If you think this sounds fun, please join us.


Click Image to Watch Reel

Amazing Photo Backdrops for Santa Claus

I’m working with Annette and the team at Angel Kissed Designs on a couple of more backdrop designs. Do you have any backdrop design ideas?

If so please let me know ASAP.

You can see the current selection here- https://angelkisseddesigns.ca/product-category/categories/christmas/

Remember, Angel Kissed is a sponsor of The Santa Claus Conservatory and  ALL (even FREE) members of The Santa Claus Conservatory get a 10% discount on all backdrops.

The discount code is on the “Hub Page” when you login.

By the way, here’s the “Santa’s Workshop” drop we created for last season.

I use Angel Kissed Backdrops all year around and I LOVE them.


Learning From Our Fellow Santas

The word “networking” conjures up something rather uncomfortable to me. Something that involves “pitching” products & services, something more “self-centered” than “other-centered”.

I know this is probably just me, and I know that networking is held up as a great way to build business. And perhaps it is.

Here’s what I know for sure…

Over the past few years I’ve been able to talk with hundreds of Santas & Mrs Claus’.

Many in person at conferences and luncheons. Many more, hundreds more, during the nearly 100 live webinars I’ve hosted… and still more on Skype or the phone during the FREE mentoring sessions I’ve held with dozens of Santa Claus Conservatory GOLD Members.

I have learned SO MUCH from local Santas and from these Santas across the country.

In just the past week I’ve talked with several Santa’s who have been booked onto TV programs… I just love hearing their stories.

So here’s my tip for this week.

Connected with your fellow Santa’s. Connect on Facebook, there are many great Santa groups, including the Santa Claus Conservatory Group.

Connect in person when you can… and of course join in and participate in the webinars.

Getting Paid to Be on TV + GOLD Membership

Getting Paid to Be on TV (locally & nationally)

Good news & better news.

  1. IT’S A GO! The response to my question about offering a series of webinars about getting on TV was very encouraging. So, YES! I’ll be offering a 3-session series of webinars on this topic.
  2. LOWER COST. Even though the vast majority of people who were interested at a level 10 were OK with the $500 ($250 GOLD Member) cost estimate. I’ve decided to offer the sessions at a lower cost. And for ease of access to the video recordings, I’ve decided to make these sessions ONLY available to GOLD Members. The investment for GOLD MEMBERS is ONLY $147.
  3. GOLD Membership is ONLY $197.
  4. NEW GOLD Membership + the TV Sessions ONLY $344. 
  5. LIMITED SIZE– To make these sessions as valuable and useful as possible to attendees I’m limiting access to a maximum 25 people.

    (only 8 “seats” remain as of 04-02-17)

FYI- These sessions will be divided into 3 topics.

  1. Getting Started. 
  2. Auditions, Call-Backs and Bookings.
  3. On Set: Do’s & Don’ts.

The live sessions will be Monday’s April, 10th, 17th, & 24th starting at 5:30PM Pacific time.

Of course, I’ll share from my personal experience being cast on 12 TV shows, shooting 11 TV commercials (5 of which were national), 2 films and 5 Internet commercials.

I’ll also share experiences from agents, casting directors, ad agencies, other actors & Santa’s who’ve been cast and drummed up their own business in different markets across the country.

Once the 25-person limit is reached the order button will be removed.

Click Image to Watch Reel

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