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My Biggest Parade & Tree Lighting Mistake

My 2nd  & 3rd Santa appearances were parades followed by Tree Lighting ceremonies.

Thankfully the mistake happened at the second event… making sure I didn’t repeat it the following evening.

It was 14 years ago but I remember it vividly. It was the Friday after Thanksgiving. I had attended the parade many times before. I knew thousands of people were already filling the plaza and lining the streets just I had done with my family many times in the past.

This year I was wearing a Santa suit standing ready to take my place in the back of the decorated truck that would carry me down the parade route.

When the parade ended I would be lead up to the balcony of a local restaurant where I would countdown from 10 to 1 for the “Grand Illumination”… but wait… the event organizer made her way over to me saying. “Santa, when you get to the balcony please thank our sponsors… here I made a list for you.”

Understand, I was a trained professional speaker. I had spoken to large groups before (my largest was about 1,800 people) but this was many thousands of people and I wasn’t being me, I was portraying Santa Claus. I didn’t want to just get up there and read a boring list… I wanted to express sincere thanks, just as imagined Santa would.     

MY MISTAKE WAS THIS- I Didn’t Ask Ahead of Time if There Was Anything They Wanted Me to Say to the Crowd

I think I pulled it off OK but it would have been SO MUCH more comfortable if I had been given the list of who to thank and practiced my speech a few dozen times prior to the big moment.

In the years following, I was sure to ask if there were any changes in who I was to thank and I expanded my speech just a bit over the years… adding magic to the event that people still mention to me 10 years later.

So my advice is to ALWAYS ask your event organizer what they would like you to say, who you will be appearing with and importantly, are there any announcements about what the crowd should do next after the Lightning, perhaps meet you for photos, or enjoy other entertainment.

These large Community Events are a wonderful way to kick-off the Christmas season. I love them… and while I’m always flexible at these types of events it’s nice to have most of the big details worked out ahead of time.

Parades, Tree Lightings & TV Session

Learn tips on how to book & perform in parades and Tree Lighting Ceremonies AND how to get on Local TV… 

The 2nd & 3rd Santa appearances of my ‘Santa career’ were Parades & Tree Lighting ceremonies… I LOVED them and I was hooked instantly.

I was also interviewed for local TV news shows for each event… that was fun too!

Now, 15 years later, I’ve appeared at 26 of these types of events and I’ve been on TV many times. Have a greater impact by spreading the Christmas Cheer in big ways always adds joy to my season.

Many Santas have mentioned that they would like to do, or do more of these types of events, so I’ve decided to add a special “Quick Start” session to help you make that happen this season.

This session is a supplement to our regular Gold & Platinum Level sessions…

18 Timely Tips to Make This Your Best Santa Season Ever!

18 Timely Tips to Make This Your Best Santa Season Ever!
FREE WEBINAR recorded Thu, Aug 2, 2018, you can log in as a FREE or paid member to access this session.

During this session, you will learn 2 Tips from each of the 9 areas of our ‘Core Curriculum’.

2 TIPS on: Characteristics of an Extraordinary Santa
2 TIPS on: How to be an Extraordinary Santa
2 TIPS on: Events with No Children & More
2 TIPS on: Business Objectives/Set-Up
2 TIPS on: Website & Online Marketing
2 TIPS on: Local/Social Ads & More
2 TIPS on: Malls & Retail Positions
2 TIPS on: The Media – What you MUST know
2 TIPS on: Being an ‘International Santa’ & More

We will also have a Q & A session & a video recording will be available.



19 Sessions in 19 Weeks

In 19 weeks it will be Thanksgiving. 19 weeks!

Would you like to improve your storytelling, your ‘performance’, your sign language skills, your comfort and competence in being Santa for those with Special Needs?

Would you like to build your business, perhaps doing more work with photo studios or even work on TV or YouTube?

Over the next 19 weeks you can watch 1 session per week, you will learn from the experiences of dozens of Santas, and by Thanksgiving you will be ready to have your best Santa season ever.

Here’s a game plan for the next 19 weeks:

  1. How to Set Up Your Santa Business to Maximize Your Fun & Income
  2. How to Market Your Santa Business for Maximum Fun & Income
  3. Home Visits- How to Book More & Perform Better
  4. How to Become an Extraordinary Santa Claus
  5. How to Use Video Chats to Boost Income & Have Fun from Home
  6. How to Book & Perform Corporate Visits
  7. How to Get on TV for Fun and Profits
  8. How to Develop Other Revenue Sources as Santa Claus
  9. How to Book & Perform Community Events

    The first 9 sessions are our “Core Curriculum” and you will be eligible for our ‘Certificate of Completion’ tscc - Certificate of Completiononce you complete these sessions.
  1. Storytelling as Santa Claus with Santa Steve Gillham, Santa Glenn Heald and Santa True (AKA Robert Seutter)
  2. Being Santa for Children with Special Needs with Santa Patrick de Haan, Debra Rickey, Melanie Martin, Santa Kevin Haislip
  3. Storytelling as Santa – Coal Story with Santa Ed Taylor
  4. 101 Questions & Answers for SantaSanta Joe Pridgen
  5. 7 Ways to Add Thousands to Your Income this Santa Season with Santa Ed Taylor
  6. Beard & Hair Bleaching – Santa’s Helping Santa’s with Eric Schmitt-Matzen (Santa Schmatz)
  7. Simple Sign Language for Santa & Mrs. Claus with Mrs. Claus Kat Imhausen
  8. Being Mrs. Claus with Nora-Penny Kovach, Cathy Berry & Lori Taylor
  9. Mistakes Santa’s Make Session with many Santas sharing
  10. Working with Photo Studios as Santa Claus with “Santa for Honolulu” Santa Marty, Santa Patrick Faulds (SC Santa) and Santa Claus Cliff Snider


  1. Santa Season 2016 Debrief with many Santas sharing
  2. Santa Season 2017 Debrief with many Santas sharing
  3. On-Camera with Michelle McCarty-Jessica Kringle
  4. 12 Ways Santas Have Earned More Money
  5. 18 Common Santa Mistakes 
  6. Being a Mall Santa with Kristi Cooper of WorldWide Photography
  7. 18 Common, Costly & Embarrassing Mistakes Made by Pro Santas & Mrs. Claus

Of course, you can watch the sessions whenever you want… 24/7.

Your total investment $197 for this GOLD Membership (with the bonus sessions that’s only $7.58 per session)

Register Now- CLICK HERE

The Super Santa Share 2018

WOW! I was totally surprised at the number of Santas who said they would like to share an experience or 2 with their fellow Santas.

The “topic survey” results are in with Marketing, Home/Company Parties & Performance/Storytelling topping the list.

The result… (login & go to your hub page to register)

“The Super Santa Share 2018”

Dozens of Santas & Mrs. Clauses will share experiences they’ve had with their marketing, home & company parties and with their performances & storytelling… and much more.

Some of the stories are very emotional and they will help us be better prepared for those moments when we can have a deep, significant and lasting impact on a family.

Some are very practical business experiences…  Others are stories about what worked well… and not so well during appearances.

ALL SANTAS & Mrs. Clauses worldwide are invited to attend. The session is sponsored by the Gold, Silver & Platinum members of The Santa Claus Conservatory.com

If you have an experience you would like to share please let me know and provide me with a short description and I’ll add you to the speaker list.

Of course, the session is NOT open to the public so you must be at least a FREE member of the Santa Claus Conservatory.

It only takes a minute to become a member if you’re not one already. Simply complete the “Free Member” form on the right and you will immediately be able to create your username & password. Once you’re registered you can log in to register.

The session is scheduled for Thursday, July 12th, 5:30 PM Pacific Time.

If you have any questions you can text, call or email me.

I’m sure that EVERY Santa & Mrs. Claus will be able to benefit from the experiences shared in this session so please spread the word in your Santa groups, social networks, etc.

The session will be video recorded and available to all members of the Conservatory through the end of July.

Login to register and get you webinar access link.


Allowing “the character” to help shape our better behavior is a significant benefit of portraying Santa Claus.

Because we real-bearded Santa portrayers are portraying a character who has such a widespread reputation for being kind, considerate and jolly, and because many of us only portray this single character (and many of us get recognized as Santa in our day-to-day activities) portraying Santa Claus provides us with a unique and very significant opportunity for personal improvement, an opportunity that is simply not attached to other jobs, characters or traditional actors.

Of course, all people can, and should, be good people, but few have the opportunity to have their look help serve as a year-round reinforcement mechanism. 🙂

He sure doesn’t ACT like Santa Claus!

“I guess Santas are just like everyone else. Some are nice, some are jerks and most are somewhere in the middle.” A quote from a relatively new Santa.

Yesterday I talked with 3 different people who had complaints either about individual Santas or a group of Santas. That was a lot for 1 day… typically I hear those types of complaints 2 or 3 times a week.

As I sit here at my computer thinking about the complaints I hear regularly about Santas it dawned on me… he was right WE ARE “just like everyone else”… and that’s why I’m writing this.

Maybe portraying Santa Claus IS NOT all about the children… MAYBE IT’S ALSO ABOUT US!

What if we were to be more “Santa-like” ALL OF THE TIME?

What if we were kind, considerate, thoughtful and jolly to ALL people? What if our “Santa personality” wasn’t just an act that we put on with our Santa suit? What if we lived more Santa-like 24/7/365 to ALL people?

Not only would we be serving children and their families we would better serve EVERYONE.

Maybe we should, as a community, strive to improve the way we communicate, the words we use, the tone of voice we use, our facial expressions and vocal variations, our expectations, our belief systems… maybe even our worldview.

Could we become beacons of light? Could we change on the inside as much as we do on the outside?

I’m probably out of line even bringing this up… this obviously goes WAY BEYOND portraying Santa or Mrs. Claus.

What do you think, is this a worthy objective?

Should I develop some sessions and “support group” to help us all more fully embody the character traits that are most love about Santa Claus?

Learn more about our Santa Classes here.

On Camera – Another FREE Webinar

Is the camera your friend? Or public enemy #1?

Learn ways to be aware that you are ALWAYS on “film”.

Learn ways to protect yourself from bad shots and frivolous lawsuits.

Learn tips from photographers.

Also, get tips on creating your OWN photo shoots and posting videos on social media.

You will even learn a bit about using the FREE program GIMP for photo touch-ups.

Jessica Kringle / Michelle McCarty

Register now for “On Camera” with Santa Ed Taylor & Michelle McCarty/Jessica Kringle.

Michelle is a Mrs. Claus with her own YouTube channel. She taught several sessions at the International Santa Celebration in Denver last month… I’m sure we will all learn a lot from her.

The session was held live on Wednesday, May 23, 2018

You can access the recording here: https://the-santa-claus-conservatory.com/on-camera-with-michelle-mccarty-jessica-kringle/ (You must be a member of the Conservatory (at any level, including FREE to access the recording) 

Michelle McCarty Bio…

Michelle McCarty (aka Jessica Kringle) is the owner of Crafter’s Countdown, which launched her career as Mrs. Claus through the countdown series on her YouTube channel. Her son, William, is her business partner and is Head Elf.

As her business builds, this single mom is also a consultant for Jafra Cosmetics and has been working in a group home for traumatized youth. She is currently homeschooling the youngest of her three children. Her BA in Spanish and time teaching English in Venezuela has inspired Mrs. Claus to do some foreign language videos for Crafter’s Countdown. She says that she remembers just enough of her studies in French, Russian, and Irish and from having trained as a Vietnamese linguist in the U.S. Army to get herself into trouble, or at least get some laughs.

Michelle is also an author and has written screenplays, a play, three children’s books, a blog, and has two upcoming non-fiction books. Her first book to go to press will be the Crafter’s Countdown Cookbook for her 2018 Christmas countdown. Her 2016 countdown was Crafting with Claus and in 2017 she did Storytime with Mrs. Claus; both of which can be found on the Crafter’s Countdown YouTube channel.

To decompress from her busy lifestyle, she loves to work in her garden, tend her backyard hens, and composting. Did you know that Mrs. Claus was a worm-wrangler?

To find out in which pot she currently has her hand, you can reach her at crafterscountdown (at) gmail (dot) com or @crafters321 on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

How to Maximize Your Income & Impact as Santa or Mrs. Claus

FREE WEBINAR – Monday, April 30th I’ll be presenting the “How to Maximize Your Income & Impact as Santa or Mrs. Claus” session that I presented at the International Santa Celebration in Denver.

You’ll learn 9 Proven Tips Santas & Mrs. Claus’ can use to EARN MORE MONEY,  INCREASE YOUR IMPACT & HAVE MORE FUN this year.

Topics include:

  1. Marketing- online & off
  2. Website- do’s & don’ts
  3. Create & Negotiate Better Contracts
  4. Extraordinary Home Visits
  5. Adult Only Parties
  6. Building a solid foundation
  7. Getting TV & Commercial Photo work (anywhere)

To register login and go to the “Hub Page” of your membership level. The registration link is near the top of the page.

The session will be video recorded and available to ALL members for the remainder of 2018.

If you are not yet a member of the Conservatory simply complete the green “FREE Member” form on the top right of the website. Once you’re a FREE Member login to register for the session.

You can download the handout here– Attendee Seminar Handout Denver ISC 5

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