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Santa Claus Beard Whitening & Care

In keeping with this week’s webinar the “Tip of the Week” is related to beard whitening & beard care.

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As you likely know this Thursday The Santa Claus Conservatory is host a FREE webinar on beard whitening & care. My featured guest is Santa Schmatz, Eric J. Schmitt-Matzen, the 1st PLACE Winner in the “Full Beard Styled Moustache” category at the National Beard and Moustache Championships.

To join this week’s webinar go to The Santa Claus Conservatory & login, or become a FREE Member if you’re not already, and then login. You will immediately see the registration link as well as the link to the other video sessions that are available to you as a FREE Member.

So here’s the tip from Santa Schmatz…

When it comes to bleaching it is ESSENTIAL that you give your beard plenty of time to “re-moisturize” between bleaching.

Santa Schamtz has very personal experience with this having had has beard burnt twice. The minimum time between bleaching is 2 WEEKS.

If you have any specific questions pertaining to beard whitening or care please post them here or email the to me at Santa @ SantaEd.com and I’ll make sure your question gets answered during the webinar… also, if you cannot attend the session live, it will be video recorded so you can watch it later.

Have a terrific week. See you Thursday. Sign-in to register. If you are not already a Member simply complete the from on the right>>

Oh, one final thing. I will be teaching a full-day “Santa Intensive Training” session this Saturday in Los Angeles. Learn more here- http://the-santa-claus-conservatory.com/person-santa-claus-intensive-training/.

Community Events Tip

Booking & Performing Community Events is the topic of this week’s GOLD Member discussion so in keeping with the recent trend of relating the tip to the week’s topic. Here goes…



Community events, large Tree Lightings, town lightings, Grand Illuminations… parades and the like are different than most other events we do as Santa due to their scale. Often hundreds, even thousands, of people gather for these events. So here are 2 quick tips.

  1. Be sure to have someone taking GOOD photos that YOU can own the copyright on. These photos are great for your website and in other places.
  2. Be BIG. Wide arms. A HUGE SMILE. Many people will be far away from you, you must exaggerate your smile and your gestures.

I hope you can join us for the GOLD Member discussion. 

Also, be sure to register for the FREE Beard Whitening & Beard Care session… and Santa Ed's LIVE full day session in LA if you are in the area. 


Do Even More As Santa

Us Santa's LOVE being Santa. Most of us want to do all we can as Santa. Here's a tip to help you do more as Santa Claus:

Local TV Tip for Santa Claus

This week’s “GOLD Member Discussion” is on the class “How to Get on TV of Fun & Profit” so here’s another tip on that.

The first several times I was on TV as Santa was in Oregon on the local news. Several times the news crew came to me at events and they interviewed me as part of covering the event. That’s great but these types of reports often air after the event is over so they don’t help the event in a promotional sense.

When Santa is in town to do a Tree Lighting, ride in a parade, make a Grand Illumination, or making an appearance of any kind… it’s news and many local news shows would love to talk with Santa and air the report BEFORE the event.

Here’s the tip…

Have the event organizer contact the local news programs a few days prior to the event and let them know that you are available for interviews.

I have done a number of these pre-event interviews. I few times in in news studios and several times at some other location.

Have fun… and let’s help spread as much joy as possible.

In-Person Santa Claus Intensive Training

Santa Ed Taylor & The Santa Claus Conservatory present the- "1-Day, In-Person, Santa Claus Intensive Training"

DATE: Saturday, Sept. 24th from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
LOCATION: Mychal's Learning Place 4901 W. Rosecrans Ave., Hawthorne, CA 90250

This session is entirely interactive. In addition to learning very specific “to-dos” for building your Santa business we will also look at ways you can improve performance and increase authenticity. Santa True, Robert Seutter, will also provide some very practical storytelling & other performance tips.

The Topics:

  1. How to Set Up Your Santa Business to Maximize Your Fun & Income
  2. How to Market Your Santa Business for Maximum Fun & Income
  3. How to Become an Extraordinary Santa Claus – Including how to be authentic as Santa 
  4. Getting Better at Storytelling & Story Reading
  5. Home & Corporate Visits- How to Book More & Perform Better
  6. How to Use Video to Boost Your Income While Having Fun from Home
  7. How to Get on TV for Fun and Profits 
  8. How to Develop Other Revenue Sources as Santa Claus 
  9. How to Book More & Perform Better at Community Events

There will be at least one Angel Kissed backdrop on display. I will also provide a tutorial on creating videos & conducting Skype calls with your webcam.

THE FEE: $120. Includes snacks & an in the room lunch (sandwich or pizza) & donation to Mychal's Learning Place

PLEASE REGISTER NOW. If we don't get the minimum registrants your payment will be refunded.

Mychal’s Learning Place

Improve Your 1st Impression

Our 1st impression is often made online. Our website, our profile on gig sites and/or our social media pages.

We also have Word Docs or PDF's of resumes, bio’s & 1-sheets that we send, or should send, to people who make inquiries about our services & availability.

Now is the time to update anything that is part of your 1st impression.

The most common, and likely the most costly, mistake I see Santa’s making…

For us Santa's our photos truly are worth a 1,000 words… What are your photo’s saying about you?

Do you look like you would be fun, jolly and the life of the party?

Or do you look grumpy and stern?

I’m not asking what you are like… I’m asking WHAT DO YOUR PHOTOS SAY ABOUT YOU?

To accentuate your smile comb your mustache up on the ends, or curl the ends up, smile with your whole face… and snap some photos. Selfies can work.

headshot used in GoToMeeting

Santa Selfie

Here's one I took last season…

Do you have new testimonials or reviews you can add to your profiles (should you ask some of last year’s clients to give you a review?)

If you're like me, you LOVE being Santa and you wish you could do more of it. Both during the season and earlier in the year. This will help with that.

A few “to-do’s” as the Booking Season ramps up

Now is the perfect time to update:

  • Your rates,
  • Your online profiles on the Gig sites,
  • Your website and your website “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO),
  • Your photos,
  • Your reviews & testimonials, etc.

If you’re a “GOLD Member” of the Conservatory now is the perfect time to re-watch the “Marketing You Santa Business” sessions… I would watch BOTH the 2015 & 2016 sessions.

If you are not yet a GOLD Member you can join now and get instant access to all 9 of the “core curriculum” classes and ALL of the bonus classes, including the “Working with Photo Studios” session. Several Santa’s have told me this single session has helped them add THOUSANDS of dollars to their seasons.

If you’ll be going to Branson, have fun… if not this might be a good time to watch, or re-watch, some of the Santa Claus Conservatory sessions.

Also, if you are NOT a GOLD Member but would like to attend my workshop on “Storytelling as Santa” you can register not for only $27 – http://the-santa-claus-conservatory.com/santa-eds-storytelling-workshop/

(This session is FREE to GOLD Members.)

How to Become a Better Storyteller as Santa Claus

This session is all about becoming, and becoming a BETTER, storyteller as Santa Claus.

Being a great storyteller starts with having a great story… so we will start with some excellent short stories that you can make your own.

You will also learn several tips you can use to get and keep attention while making your story engaging and fun.

You will also get access to the story Santa Ed Taylor developed and refined over the past couple of Santa Seasons. It's about WHY we give away coal. It's called "Naughty Jimmy Hyatt & Why He Got Coal in His Stocking".

It's a fun engaging story that children love. It explains how you started giving away coal. You can easily make the story yours and tell it in 5 to 10 minutes.

The LIVE SESSION will be Thursdsday, July 21st from 5:30 until 6:30 or maybe 7:00PM depending on questions.

All who register will get access to the video recording through the end of 2016

GOLD MEMBERS of the Conservatory receive FREE Admission. You'll recieve your registration link next week. 

The tuition for Non-GOLD MEMBERS for this session is $27 – Click the Big Green Button below to pay & register…

Being Mrs. Claus – FREE Webinar

From where I sit, on a huge ornate throne, it looks like being Mrs. Claus is a MUCH, MUCH, tougher job than being Santa Claus.

Mrs. Claus does much more work, often for much less reward. In addition to doing more work for less money she gets relatively little fame or glory… it’ a bit sad really. 🙂

The first step to being successful as Mrs. Claus is realizing, and fully accepting, that you are no Santa Claus. No one is!!! Santa Claus is the most recognized person in the WORLD!!!

That said, you’re not nobody. You're VERY well known. No, you don’t get an instant showering of admiration from everyone you meet (that just goes to show what giving gifts to generations of youngster’s does for a character’s reputation), but you do have a certain mystique and everyone is curious about what role you play at the North Pole, and of course everyone wants the inside TeresaRishPhotography-130scope on Santa.

This session will help you be the best Mrs. Claus you can be. My Mrs. Claus, and wife of neary 42 years, Lori & I will cover cover what to do, and what NOT do when at events with Santa. We will also cover what you can do to build your own business as Mrs. Claus.

SPECIAL GUEST:  Nora-Penny Kovach

Nora started with (FCM) Fellowship of Christian Magicians 30 years ago for ministry.  Nora started doing Parties and Picnics to pay for the ministry so it did not strain my family budget.  She was in the Yellow pages for 8 years in Michigan and had up to 250 performances a year.  

Nora was “Cotton Candy” the clown. She performed magic, face painting, balloon twisting and more.

FB_IMG_1463436279529Nora attended the C.W. Howard Santa School to learn about being Mrs. Claus. Further,  she created “Crystal Claus” Santa’s daughter, as Crystal Claus (Nora) performed at many events without a Santa.

Her husband Dana had volunteered as Santa while working. When he Retired and grew a real beard, Nora went with him as Mrs. Claus. Nora has also worked with the North Pole Experience, Talk to Santa and with Metro Center mall.

Nora also hosts a Facebook Group exclusivley for Mrs. Claus's. 


Cathy Berry-  Cathy goes by Mrs. Claus or Mrs. S.C. when accompanying Santa Steve in homes, to other venues or when we are out in public wearing our red monogrammed caps and hoodies.  In-home brief visits her primary activity. Cathy Berry 6

Cathy & Santa Steve have been providing visits for the last 19 years. They have added some other venues over the last five years such as Joint Force National Guide Christmas Parties, High School Symphony Cookie Fundraisers, In-Store Grocery Photos with Santa, Lunch with Santa Downtown, Paws and Planes photos with Santa, Photos with the youth customers at a bank.


Persuaded by her husband, Santa Ed Taylor, Lori made her first appearance as Mrs. Claus in 2009 during the “Grand Illumination” parade and lighting ceremony. Since 2009 Lori has appeared with Santa Ed in several parades and at Tree Lighting ceremonies for the United Mrs Claus Playing 2 Ebell 2015States Air Force, huge corporate events with Mattel Toys, business Christmas parties and home parties.

The Session is for BOTH Mrs. Claus's & Santa's!

It's IMPORTANT for Santa to understand the differences between working solo & working with Mrs. Claus. 

WHO: All Santa's & Mrs. Claus's are welcome. Join below and receive immediate access to this video & more….

WHEN: Immediate Access – Recorded Thu, May 19, 2016 

WHERE: Online – this is a video recording of a live webinar. You can attend from any computer, tablet or smart phone with an Internet connection.

Join here it's FREE! 


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