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Hire Santa Training Session

This session is brought to you by Hire Santa, it’s open to ALL Santa and it’s recommended for all Santas who would like to work in Mall or Retail stores through Hire Santa.

The live webinar was conducted on Wednesday, September 11th. 

**Attending this session is not a guarantee that you will be placed by Hire Santa.

To watch this session “On-Demand” simply login. If you have a Bronze level membership or higher you will see the access link.

If you are a FREE Member follow the directions here & Hire Santa will pay for your upgrade to Bronze membership… you have no obligation to work with them. CLICK HERE

Santa Season Preparation 09-02-19

With ‘Peak Booking Season’ starting in 30 days & Black Friday only 58 days later what can you do to maximize your Fun, Income & Impact during Santa Season 2019?

Here’s How to Prioritize Your “to do’s” for the Next 87 Days…

This is a reminder for Gold & Platinum members… and encouragement for those who aren’t currently Gold or Platinum to become a Gold Member today.

Start now with the 7 Marketing Sessions. This will allow you to learn & implement proven marketing strategies in time for this Santa season. The sooner you can watch & implement what you learn the better.

‘Peak Booking Season’ starting in early October

Next, watch the 5 sessions on “Community Events” & “Company/Corporate Parties”. These are typically the first events of the season. By watching or re-watching these sessions in October or early November you will be prepared to not only make wonderful and memorable appearances… but you will also be prepared to ask the right questions and do the right things to leverage these events into future years.

Then consider the sessions on Home Visits, Storytelling, Performance, Special Needs, Sign Language, etc.  

Then, just before Thanksgiving watch the “Season Debrief” sessions… learn directly from dozens of Santas as they share what went well and what didn’t in their last Santa season.

With 111 sessions available (over 170 hours) at this time of the year, you must prioritize which sessions to watch in order to gain maximum benefit for THIS Santa season… I hope the above helps with that.

Here’s a full list of the sessions currently available:

9 CORE SESSIONS (6 versions of each 54 total)

  1. How to Set Up Your Santa Business to Maximize Your Fun & Income
  2. How to Market Your Santa Business for Maximum Fun & Income
  3. Home Visits- How to Book More & Perform Better
  4. How to Become an Extraordinary Santa Claus
  5. How to Use Video Chats to Boost Income & Have Fun from Home
  6. How to Book & Perform Corporate Visits
  7. How to Get on TV for Fun and Profits
  8. How to Develop Other Revenue Sources as Santa Claus
  9. How to Book & Perform Community Events

2018 9 CORE SESSION (twice 18 total)

Performance 1- Personal Characteristics
Performance 2- What To Do
Performance 3- Events with No Children & More

Marketing 1- Business Objectives/Set-Up
Marketing 2- Website & SEO
Marketing 3- Local/Social Ads & More

Other Stuff 1- Malls – (It’s NOT what you think)
Other Stuff 2- The Media – What you MUST know
Other Stuff 3- Being an ‘International Santa’ & More


  1. Bring Your Backdrop to Life – Illuminate the Lantern 
  2. “Doing Well as a Santa Claus Portrayal Artist – Santa Charlie Jordan” 
  3. Doing GOOD as Santa
  4. Booking Agents for Santa Claus: How to Attract the Best & Avoid the Worst
  5. Becoming an ‘Ambassador of Christmas Cheer’
  6. Being a “Christmas in July” Santa Claus 
  7. Becoming a ‘Brand Ambassador’ with Randy Cook & Using ‘SWOT’to Improve Your Santa Business with Derek Dugan 
  8. Storytelling & Upping Your Santa Game Michael Wubker
  9. Storytelling as Santa Claus with Santa Steve Gillham, Santa Glenn Heald and Santa True (AKA Robert Seutter)
  10. Being Santa for Children with Special Needs with Santa Patrick de Haan, Debra Rickey, Melanie Martin, Santa Kevin Haislip
  11. Storytelling as Santa – Coal Story with Santa Ed Taylor
  12. 101 Questions & Answers for Santa – Santa Joe Pridgen
  13. 7 Ways to Add Thousands to Your Income this Santa Season with Santa Ed Taylor
  14. Beard & Hair Bleaching – Santa’s Helping Santa’s with Eric Schmitt-Matzen (Santa Schmatz)
  15. Simple Sign Language for Santa & Mrs. Claus with Mrs. Claus Kat Imhausen
  16. How to Get the Most Out of GigSalad SPECIAL GUEST- Megan Price Director of Customer Experience for GigSalad
  17. The “Santa & Mrs. Claus 2018 Season Debrief” session 
  18. Pre-Season Prep for Santa & Mrs. Claus
  19. Adult Only Parties with Santa Walt Kaiser
  20. A Potpourri of Santa & Mrs. Claus Info & Tips recorded 09-20-18
  21. American Sign Language (ASL) Booklet created by Santa Thomas McDonald Santa’s ASL Signs 
  22. On-Camera with Michelle McCarty-Jessica Kringle
  23. Maximize Your Income & Impact the presentation Santa Ed used at International Santa Celebration 2018 in Denver 
  24. Being Mrs. Claus with Nora-Penny Kovach, Cathy Berry & Lori Taylor
  25. Mistakes Santa’s Make Session with many Santas sharing
  26. Working with Photo Studios as Santa Claus with “Santa for Honolulu” Santa Marty, Santa Patrick Faulds (SC Santa) and Santa Claus Cliff Snider
  27. Santa Season 2016 Debrief with many Santas sharing
  28. Taxes & Santa with Santa Steve Eastis 
  29. 18 Tips to Make This Your Best Year Ever with Santa Ed Taylor
  30. 9 Tips to Earn More Money & Have More Fun as Santa with Santa Ed Taylor
  31. Parades, Tree Lightings & Getting on Local TV
  32. Social Marketing & More with Mark Ramsey
  33. 9 Do’s & Don’ts for Santa & Mrs. Claus 
  34. Being a Mall Santa with Kristi Cooper of WorldWide Photography
  35. Being a Mall Santa: Soup to Nuts with Gordon Bailey
  36. 7 Ways to Increase Your Income by Thousands of $ This Santa Season
  37. 18 Common, Costly & Embarrassing Mistakes Made by Pro Santas & Mrs. Claus’
  38. The amazing “Santa Season Debrief” sessions conducted in January 2017 
  39. The amazing “Santa Season Debrief” sessions conducted in January  2018


I want every Santa & Mrs. Claus worldwide to benefit from what we have here… I’m confident you will benefit from the sessions… many Santas have reported doubling and tripling their incomes… and nearly all of our members have reported an increase in their confidence and their Santa skill-set.

As you will see, these sessions are not Santa history lessons or talk about Christmas movies… you will learn very specific ways other Santas have increased their skills, their income and the amount of fun they have each season.

You can stop any session at any time and come back to it at a more convenient time.

You can stop and rewatch or relisten to a part you might have missed or wanted to hear again… and you can do this from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

YOU GET access to all 111 sessions (plus new live sessions as they become available), and all of the other information, examples of marketing pieces, the booking agreement, the web badges & “Certificate of Completion” and more for ONLY $247 and you get a 60-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE and payment terms to fit almost any budget.

Santa Claus Training

(Become a FREE member by completing the form on the top of the right side of this page)

These sessions are also available for all higher membership levels.

“Doing Well as a Santa Claus Portrayal Artist – Santa Charlie Jordan”

“Bring Your Backdrop to Life” – Illuminate the Lantern

“Doing GOOD as Santa” 

“Booking Agents for Santa Claus: How to Attract the Best & Avoid the Worst”

“Ambassadors of Christmas Cheer” 

“18 Tips to Make This Your Best Santa Season EVER!”

Santa Ed’s “Santa Claus Engagement Agreement” as a Word doc.

Generic “Engagement Agreement Header

American Sign Language (ASL) Booklet created by Santa Thomas McDonald Santa’s ASL Signs 30

“Signing as Santa” ASL session taught be Kat Imhausen

Log-in at any membership level to access these sessions, tools & more.

Learn how to access 80+ ADDITIONAL SESSIONS by becoming a Gold or Platinum Level member.

Professional Santa Claus Training & Tips

WOW!!! A bunch of stuff is going on this week…

YESTERDAY“Backdrop Illumination video.” CLICK HERE

Santa 1-Sheet – We’ll cover it’s purpose & uses during the session.

TODAYFREE “How to Increase Your Income as a Santa or Mrs. Claus Portrayal Artist” session. ON-DEMAND

TOMORROW– ‘Facebook Live’ Hire Santa’s drawing to win a FREE $300 Santa suit. Join The Santa Claus Conservatory Facebook Group. CLICK HERE 

To win you must be REGISTERED HERE

That’s all for now.

Doing Well as a Santa Claus Portrayal Artist

DOING WELL FINANCIALLY AS SANTA… Of course, we all want to ‘do good’ and, many of us also want to ‘do well’ as Santa… That is we would like to earn an income doing this work we love doing.

In this session, you’ll learn how a variety of Santas have increased their income… some VERY dramatically. 

You’ll learn how Santas across the country have increased their income, and in several cases done it while decreasing their workload.

You’ll learn how to be worth the “upper end” of the pay scale in your area, and how to get the top rates.

You’ll learn about ‘other’ sources of revenue for Santas… things like being a Brand Ambassador, doing commercial photography work and how to structure your compensation, doing videos & video chats… and a lot more.

ON-DEMAND – https://the-santa-claus-conservatory.com/doing-well-charlie-jordan/

Doing GOOD as Santa – Free Webinar

For many of us “being” Santa Claus is, of course, about much more than the money, it’s about ‘doing good’.

Doing good takes many forms… hospital, hospice & Make-A-Wish visits, visits with those with various developmental differences, providing complimentary visits for disadvantaged folks, people in hardship… sometimes even being Santa to raise money for other worthy causes.

In this unique session, you will learn from 3 extraordinary individuals, John Scheuch, Mark Ramsey, Dutch Schrap.

John is the president of Santa America and he’ll share some of his experiences with children in hospice care, children with autism & grief. Mark & Dutch both have their own foundations that do amazing work.

“ON-DEMAND” HERE: https://the-santa-claus-conservatory.com/doing-good-as-santa/

Booking Agents for Santa Claus: How to Attract the Best & Avoid the Worst

We professional Santas love ‘BEING’ Santa… but doing ‘the business’, the marketing and paperwork…  well, that may be best left to the elves… or booking agents.

In this session, you will learn exactly how you can work with the best ‘Santa booking agents’ for local, national, and International bookings.

Our special guest for this session, MITCH ALLEN, yes, Mitch Allen the founder of ‘Hire Santa’… the guy who you probably saw on Shark Tank last year… and if you missed it, (Spoiler Alert) YES, he did Hire Santa Shark Tank get a deal.

As the founder and head of ‘Hire Santa’ Mitch helps place hundreds of Santas both nationally & internationally.

Hire Santa’s clients include:
Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Bloomingdale’s, Bass Pro Shops, Simon Properties, Hotel Intercontinental, MetroPCS and many, many, others.

How about being Santa internationally, or on a Cruise Ship? 

Internationally Hire Santa’s clients include:
Royal Caribbean Cruises
Hilton Hotels
Grand Velas Resorts

Do you prefer doing Home & Company parties close to home?

 Hire Santa places Santas in hundreds of home & company parties across the country.

Parade, Tree Lighting Ceremony and Community event organizers across the country turn to ‘Hire Santa’ when looking for a professional Santa for their events.

Even TV show & movie casting directors have used Hire Santa.

Of course, all of this uniquely qualifies Mitch to talk on this important subject of working with Santa Claus booking agents.

If you’ve been a paid professional Santa for any time at all you have likely heard Santa/Agent ‘horror stories’ ranging from slow or no pay, to poor communications, to Santas even being asked to lie or misrepresent their experience… and worse.  (The levels & tactics some agents stoop to under the guise of, ‘it’s just business’, are repugnant and appalling.)

During this session, you will learn exactly what agents look for in the Santas they work with.

You’ll learn what you can expect from agents… and what the agent will expect from you.

Most importantly you will learn what you should look for in an agent. 

You learn what you can do and how you can help agents ‘sell you’ for the best, most discerning clients so you can be considered for and land the high-profile jobs.

In addition to Mitch sharing his experience as a booking agent and providing us with practical tips & ‘to-do’s’, Mitch also answers questions from Santas.

ACCESS THIS SESSION “ON-DEMAND” 24/7/365 at https://the-santa-claus-conservatory.com/booking-agents-mitch-allen/

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