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Why Am I Sad After Christmas? (And what to do about it)

Theater actors talk about “Post Show Depression” or PSD. Several years ago at a Christmas party my wife and were hosting while visiting with a local community theatre actor I mentioned how I feel a bit blue after the Christmas season… she lit-up.

For the next 10 or 15 minutes we talked about PSD, she explained how common it is amongst theatre actors… I was relieved in a away, I had a “thing”, something with an actual name and something somewhat common amongst performers.

In recent years I haven’t experienced PSD at all. I think the primary reason is my awareness of it and that I have a “next thing” I move quickly into.

If you think you might get afflicted by a bit of PSD you might find this article helpful.

Santa & Mrs Q&A – TOMORROW

Tomorrow, January 25th, at 5:30 PM Pacific Time I’m hosting an “Open Q & A” session for Santas & Mrs Claus’.

No question is off-limits and all participants will be able to both ask & answer questions.

Some topics already in the queue pertain to:

  • Adult only parties
  • Taxes
  • Marketing
  • Storytelling
  • Photo Studios
  • Parades/Tree Lighting Ceremonies
  • Out of season parties/events

Dozens of Santas have already registered so I’m sure there’ll many more questions and topics addressed.


2018 GOLD/PLATINUM Winter Enrollment CLOSES Friday, January 26th and classes start Thursday, February 1st. Learn more & enroll here-  

12 Ways Santas Have Significantly Increased Their Income

This is the last in The Santa Claus Conservatory’s FREE Winter Webinar Series.

Register here:  

This, “12 Ways Santas Have Significantly Increased Their Income“, session was inspired by the result of our recent survey of 572 Santas that indicated only 15 Santas (3%) earned $30,000 or more last year, while 455 (79%) earned less than $10,000.

The survey also indicated that 98% of the Santas would like to portray Santa again this year and the vast majority of them would like to also expand what they do (appearing on TV & in parades topped the list) and increase their income from their Santa portrayal.

During this session, you will learn 12 ways that Santas have increased their income.

The session will be held live starting at 5:30 PM Pacific Time on Thursday, January 18th. The session will be video recorded with the recording being available to all (including FREE) TSCC members on January 19th.

Register here to access the live session:  

18 Common, Costly & Embarrassing Mistakes Made by Pro Santas & Mrs. Claus’

On of our most popular sessions each year is “18 Common, Costly & Embarrassing Mistakes Made by Pro Santas & Mrs. Claus’
You will learn how to aviod 2 common mistakes made by Santas of all experience levels in each of these 9 catagories:
  1. Santa Business Practices
  2. Marketing Your Santa Business
  3. Home Visits
  4. Becoming Even More Extraordinary as Santa Claus
  5. Video Chats
  6. Company Parties
  7. Gettin on TV for Fun & Profits
  8. Developing “other” Revenue Sources as Santa Claus
  9. Booking & Performing Community Events
This session is FREE.
It will start at 5:30PM Pacifc Time on Thursday, January 11th.
Register here:

7 Season Enhancers Webinar

CURRENT Silver, Gold & Platinum Members simply login to register. 

SPECIAL GUEST- “Santa” Mark Ramsey

Based in Portland, Oregon in his first year portraying Santa Mark averaged 4 video chats per day during the 2016 holiday season. He also sent 78 personalized “Letters from Santa”, made 22 Home visits, 26 Corporate Events, did print ads, commercials, and even a brand endorsement.

Mark brings decades of business & marketing experience to his work as Santa. ALL Mark does as Santa is in support of a charity he and his wife started in 2016.

This 2-hour session covers what I think are 7 of the most important topics for an independent Santa as we head into Santa Season 2017.

Here are the 7 topics:

  1. Working with Photos Studios/Photographers (Extend your season)
  2. Getting PAID parts on TV & Movies (How to catch local opportunities)
  3. Becoming a Spokesperson/Brand Ambassador (Can double your income)
  4. Santa Specific Storytelling (Add more fun to Home Parties)
  5. Negotiating Better Contracts (Ugly but important)
  6. Our Rates- How to be Fair (Feeling good about every gig we do)
  7. Doing more with Video & Video Chats (Our greatest new opportunity)

This session is all about things we can do to have more fun, extend our season & increase our opportunities and be fairly compensated, especially for the use of our images.

We will also have an unlimited Q&A session.

The live session is scheduled for Thursday, October 19th from 5:30 – 7:30 PM Pacific time. BUT, this time of the year my schedule IS VERY DYNAMIC so this session is very subject to being rescheduled. I know this information is time sensitive so if it is necessary for me to reschedule I will present the session as soon after the 19th as possible.

YES, the session will be recorded and all who register will receive access.

This session is FREE to all 2017 GOLD & PLATINUM Members.

CURRENT Silver, Gold & Platinum Members simply login to register. 

If you are NOT currently a GOLD or Platinum Member you can join now as a GOLD Member for the remainder of 2017 & all of 2018 for only $247.

Or, if you prefer, you can attend/access THIS SESSION and get 2017 SILVER Membership for $47.50. 

Select whichever option will work best for you… and do consider, with the GOLD Member option not only do you get this session, you also get access to 30 more recorded sessions, you earn the Certificate of Completion, the web badge for use THIS season & you get ACCESS to ALL of next years Gold Member sessions… and you get a Money-Back Guarantee!

9 Costly ‘Santa Mistakes’ for 2017 – Free Webinar

Portraying Santa Claus is a TON of fun… that’s the primary reason most Santas I know do this, and keep doing it year after year… WE LOVE IT!

And… we can get set in our ways, we can think that what worked and was acceptable 5 years ago, or 10 years ago, is OK today. Well, the times they are a chang’n.

This session is about those changes and what we can do to have even more fun, and what we can do to avoid costly and or embarrassing mistakes.

A live Question & Answer session will be included.

You can access the recording of this session by logging into this website as a FREE Member or higher.




Being a Mall Santa with WorldWide Photography

Visiting Santa in the mall is a longstanding American tradition… and WorldWide Photography is a leader in the field.

I was joined in this FREE WEBINAR by Kristi Cooper, Field Recruitment Manager for WorldWide Photography. WWP offers services in over 300 locations in 48 states nationwide. Kristi has been a part of the WWP Talent/Recruiting Team for 4 years.

WWP offers services in over 300 locations in 48 states nationwide. Kristi has been a part of the WWP Talent/Recruiting Team for 4 years.

We covered everything from the hiring process to wrapping up at the end of the season.

We talked about pay, lodging, travel expenses, what is expected on set, what WWP looks for when recruiting and much more.

We concluded with a Q&A session.

LOG-IN at any Membership level, including FREE, to watch the replay.


Santa Season 2017: “9 To Do’s & 9 Costly Mistakes” a FREE webinar…

Santas are losing their jobs simply by saying things that were ok 3 years ago.

Social media and the ubiquity of cameras provide us with opportunities like never before, they also pose hazards that must be understood by Santas & Mrs. Claus’ everywhere.

We’ll take 90 minutes and cover 9 things that can help us have more fun, serve more people and earn more money.

We’ll also look at 9 things that can be embarrassing, troublesome and costly.

A live Question & Answer session will be included.

FREE– join us live Thursday, September 21st 5:30PM Pacific Time

Register here-

If miss the live session you can access the recording on this website on September 22nd.

Invite your Santa & Mrs. Claus friends, we can accommodate up to 100 people on the live session.

Photo Shoots- Get Paid for Your Value Not Just Your Time

Last week I did a “photo shoot” for an international company that owns & operates 35 large shopping centers. The photos will be used in print ads, posters and “on-location” signage across the country.

In addition, we shot several “animations” that will be used on the companies social media pages.

My pay structure included both payment for the shoot AND a “buy-out” for a 1-year use of the images. Buy-outs are VERY COMMON, learn more here.

Personally, I NEVER sign a buy-out for “in-perpetuity”, it MUST have an end date.

I’m also VERY specific about usage. If at some point the client wants to use the images in additional ways you are entitled to additional compensation.

I urge you to structure your contacts in ways that fairly compensate you for the value you provide not just for your time.

Here’s an example of the language:

1 2 3 9

For more information
Call Santa Ed at


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