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TODAY’S Santa Claus is NOT what he used to be

Santa Claus today hears and does things that he would never have heard and done 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago. How about this…

“Santa, we’re live on Facebook, quick talk to the people.”

 “Santa, can you make me a video I can use on Social Media to promote my product?”

“Santa, what do you charge for a ½ day commercial shoot?”

Since the iPhone came out 10 years ago things have changed dramatically for professional Santas. Even in the last 3 or 4 years internet based opportunities like video chats and commercial YouTube videos have come to age.

Not only has portraying and performing as Santa Claus significantly changed in the past few years but how Santa’s get work has also changed.

Amazon and other online retailers have siphoned off customers from many malls. Consequently, there are fewer mall jobs and many pay less than they did a few years ago.

On a positive note, direct booking websites like Gig Salad & GigMasters have popped-up and they’re allowing Santas to book their own gigs and retain the 20 to 100%  “booking agent fee”.

Another new income source for Santas, even Santas in small towns, is “Internet commercials”, these are often produced local production companies and small business owners and they can be a great new opportunity for Santas. I’ve personally done several of them.

After being a “volunteer Santa” for 7 years in Southern Oregon I decided to become a full-time “paid” Santa. I launched my new Santa career in Los Angeles.

I started in LA with zero connections and in the past 7 years, I’ve…

  • Appeared at hundreds of Home Parties and Visits including A-List celebrities
  • Appeared at hundreds of company parties including Facebook & Mattel Toys
  • Appeared in dozens of community & organization events including the Rams & Lakers
  • Conducted hundreds of video chats including several with the media
  • Been featured in many Internet commercials
  • Appeared in 18 local, Internet & national TV commercials, including commercials for Chrysler, Reddi Whip, Band Aid & Kohl’s earning my SAG-AFTRA card
  • Appeared on many local and national TV shows including Jimmy Kimmel
  • Been in 3 movies

THE TIP- Make sure your Santa training is up to date.

As a GOLD or PLATINUM Member, you will learn from me and dozens of other Santas, proven ways to have fun, deliver an extraordinary performance and how to build a solid Santa business in today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving world. Join us.

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