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The Media: a WARNING for Santa Claus

One of our members told me how getting featured in 3 local newspapers in his rural area helped him book more than 100 appearances.

Another Santa I know told me he was “a bit embarrassed” when he read the article the reporter wrote after what he thought was a good interview.

The media has the power to make us look REALLY GOOD or REALLY BAD…

I’ve had the good fortune to have been interviewed many times for both local and national publications and I’ve spoken with dozens of Santas who have been interviewed for newspaper and magazine articles. Here’s the major take-away

Santa Ed Taylor LA Times


Take time to craft your stories and refine your language, this will give you a huge advantage during the actual interview.

Writers want their articles to be attention worthy… often this is done by including something unexpected in the article. By knowing this we can provide them with interesting “angles”, stories, perspectives, etc. and by so doing we can increase the odds of our “looking really good” in the article.

By taking the time to identify the 4 or 5 most common questions reporters ask and then WRITING & REFINING your answers again you will dramatically increase your odds of looking REALLY GOOD… and at the same time make sure Santa & Santa Claus portrayal artists are shown in a good light.

As a Gold or Platinum Member, you get access to an entire session dedicated to this topic.

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