The Best Santa Claus I’ve Ever Seen

In one way or another, I’m ‘connected with’ well over 3,000 Santas & Mrs. Clauses across the country & around the world… rarely does a day go by when I don’t talk with at least 2 or 3 Santas or Mrs. Clauses, and on many days it’s 10 or more.

I can’t tell you how many times Santas have told me that they’ve had clients, customers, photographers, etc. tell them “You’re the Best Santa Claus I’ve ever seen.”

When I hear Santas mention this I ask, “What do you think it was that caused them to say that?”

Their answers are all over the place, I hear things like “I was on a roll”, “My beard looked really good that day”, “They loved the way I answered the questions their children asked”, “I think they just liked my smile.”

So what can we do to be the best Santa people have ever seen?

In The Santa Claus Conservatory I refer to this as “being extraordinary”… and to me, that means we EXCEED the expectations of those we interact with.

The Best Santa Claus I’ve Ever Seen

We are more authentic then they expect, better groomed, more kind, considerate & jolly, smell better, use better language, are more responsive, tell better stories and tell them better, take better photos… and videos… ALL of this, not necessarily all at once, but each of things at different times makes us ‘the Best Santa they ever seen’.

By the way,  we don’t know what Santas they have seen so the bar may be very low, I remind myself of that when I get this compliment, I don’t want it to go to my head.

On occasion, Santas tell me they think I’m the best Santa they’ve ever seen, and I try to gracefully accept the compliment, and again I don’t know what Santas they have seen…

and while I do consider myself an extraordinary Santa, I see myself as one of a large and quickly growing network of extraordinary Santa & Mrs. Claus portrayal artists and I can’t imagine that there aren’t dozens & probably hundreds who are “better than” me.

I don’t sing, dance, play music or perform magic… many Santas do… many speak multiple languages, have better memories, etc., etc., etc.

All of these things can be used to create extraordinary Santa & Mrs. Claus experiences. 

I see my strengths are my authenticity, my fun & casual demeanor, my smile and my sense of humor… (I strive to make the most of what I see as my strengths while doing what I can to minimize the negative effects of my weaknesses, like my squinty eyes, one being slightly crossed, my lack of skill at singing & dancing, etc.).

From a business perspective, I see my strength as my professionalism. I’m very responsive and present myself professionally on the phone & in email. Again striving to exceed the expectations of all I interact with.

Being called the “Best Santa Claus I’ve Ever Seen” is a high compliment… one I’m honored to receive, it lets me know I’m doing some things right but I always remember Hollywood’s longheld popular truism, “you’re only as good as your last picture”. This concept has been expressed in many ways: 

  • You’re only as good as your last performance. 
  • You’re only as good as your last time at-bat.
  • You’re only as good as the last song you wrote.
  • You’re only as good as your last press release.
  • Etc., Etc., Etc.

Well as Santa & Mrs. Claus we too are only as good as our last appearance… fortunately for many of us Real Bearded Santas that can mean every time we’re out in public. 🙂

If you’re not yet a Gold Member of The Santa Claus Conservatory now is the perfect time to join, or upgrade your membership… if you are a Gold or Platinum Member now is the perfect time to watch or re-watch the sessions on working with photo studios & doing TV work. In fact, I just booked a TV shoot yesterday. 🙂

Here’s to you hearing “You’re The Best Santa Claus I’ve Ever Seen” many times this holiday season.

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