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Storytelling as Santa & Mrs Claus

It just seems like Santa & Mrs. Claus should be pretty good storytellers, right?

Yet in the venues most of us work in most of the time it’s difficult to find the time and maintain enough attention to tell a proper story.

So, what do we do? What stories do we tell? When do we tell them? How do we make or stories engaging and also convey a meaningful lesson or moral?

I’ve found that for me the most useful stories are very flexible. Stories that I can tell in 2 or 3 minutes or take 8 to 10 minutes and add more depth when time permits.

This session is for Santas & Mrs Claus’ who want to get better at creating & telling short stories as part of typical Santa visits and in situations where Santa or Mrs Claus is engaging with children/families for longer periods of time.

To attend this session, you must be a Silver Member or Higher. Investment for Silver Membership is ONLY $47 and this session alone will be worth that.

As a Silver member you will also receive access to these additional 6 sessions:

  • “7 Ways to Add Thousands to Your Income this Santa Season”
  • “9 Tips to Earn More & Have More Fun as Santa”
  • “Beard Whitening & Care”
  • “Simple Sign Language for Santa & Mrs. Claus”
  • “Being Mrs. Claus”
  • “Being Santa Claus for Children with Special Needs”

To become a Silver, Gold or Platinum Member & ENROLL IN THIS SESSION – CLICK HERE

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