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Santa & Mrs. Claus: Practice in Public

“You have really gotten better.”

Several Santas have recently told me that over the last few years they’ve seen a significant improvement in my videos.

The key words are- “THEY’VE SEEN”.

Jeff Goins’ excellent new book, “Real Artists Don’t Starve” lays out a 3-Part, 12-Point, plan for success as an artist. Point 8 is “Practice in Public”.

I hadn’t heard of this concept until a few days ago but it’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past few years and continue to do now.

Practicing in public is also something I encourage you to consider.

Part of my practicing in public included the creation of a YouTube Channel and made a commitment to upload a new video at least once a week. I did toy reviews and later little poems. You can see the videos here-

I also regularly post videos on Facebook and I frequently use videos for the weekly tips on The Santa Claus Conservatory website.

All of this, plus the videos I make for other projects I’m working on, and the “on the street” videos I make regularly is “practicing in public”.

By making many hundreds of videos I’m getting better. By making them “in public” I know the bar is higher than if I never showed them to people. This encourages me to “up my game”.


I can see that I need to practice opening my eyes wider, slowing my speech, smiling bigger and finding cuter poses.

Video has been the single greatest tool to help me become a better Santa Claus performer.


WE HAVE MORE FUN! I’ve found that the better and more self-confident I become in my ability to deliver an extraordinary Santa performance the more fun I have.

Having the words, looks, reactions, etc. at the ready and being confident of the reaction they’ll get allows me to relax and be “in the moment” while performing… and this is MUCH MORE FUN!

If you’re a GOLD or PLATINUM Member of the Conservatory my mentorship is included in your annual fee. I’m happy to coach you and give you my honest assessment of your videos.

In 90 days we’ll be in early November. 🙂

FYI- the “Storytelling as Santa” video recording is now available.

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