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Santa Claus on World Series Chrysler Commercial

I had no idea the commercial was going to air during game 7 of the World Series.

I was in the kitchen cleaning up the microwave after I had accidentally exploded a spaghetti squash in it, that’s long story for another time.

When I sat back down and picked up my phone it was exploding with both text & Facebook messages. People from across the country were saying they just saw me on the World Series. WHAT!?


I was surprised, (happily surprised, but surprised just the same) that the commercial aired so early. I had on my calendar for next week “SEO for Chrysler commercial”. Meaning that I was going to create a page in my website that would hopefully appear near the top of Google when people searched on “who is the Santa in the Chrysler commercial”, or “who is the manager in the Chrysler commercial”.

Now who knows if that will get me any more business, but it might.

Over the years I have optimized my SantaEd.com site for many, many keywords including “Santa Claus 3rd Street Promenade”. This is a high-profile event and I know for a fact that I have had several bookings as a result of people finding me on Google after seeing me at that event.

So the tip is to optimize a page, NOW, in advance, of any high profile appearances you will be making this year.

Remember, there is an entire class with step-by-step, 100% non-technical instructions on how to optimize your website. It’s not difficult, it produces great results and to make it work for this season you MUST get started ASAP!

In fact this page right here may show up on “who is the Santa in the Chrysler commercial”, or “who is the manager in the Chrysler commercial" in a few days. 🙂


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