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Santa Claus Magic & More

Last week’s Facebook Group poll showed a lot of interest (116 votes) in “Santa Magic”.

  • Do you use magic in your appearances?
  • Would you like to share what you do with other Santas?
  • If so please let me know. (Call 424-343-9555) text, email, message me on Facebook)

If we can get a small panel, perhaps 3 or 4 people, to share what they do I would be happy to host a webinar on this topic.

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2 Responses to Santa Claus Magic & More

  • No I’m relatively new to the Santa profession I would be quite interested in actually seen how magic can be used to enhance the Santa visit if this webinar does go through please consider me and an active participant As I’m trying to develop a full Santa experience

  • I do use some magic in my Santa visits and would be happy to share. There are three main ones I use.

    1. I use a change bags with silks but tie it to collecting “holiday spirit” from the children that we use to fly. I incorporate a couple of songs into the routine.

    2. For some locations rather than the change bag, I use the Energy Tube to collect holiday spirit. Simple and easy magic but the kids love it and can be used individually or with group of any size.

    3. Santa has a magic finger (D-Lite) that he uses to see who is on the nice list. This is very easy but is always a bid hit. Just touch the nose and if it lights up, you are on the nice list. The quicker it light up the better. If it takes time, you need to work harder on staying on the nice list. Some groups love counting the seconds for it to light up — even the older kids get a chuckle our of it.

    4. One-on-one or with very small groups, I use foam ball as Rudolph’s nose. It burns out after awhile you know, just like a light bulb. But it’s loaded with magic. We grind it into a magic powder. And the kids can help make more if they have holiday spirit to spare. Simple trick that takes very little practice. And have a simple way to end it quickly.

    If any of those are of interest, I will be happy to demo.


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