Santa Claus Beard Whitening & Care

In keeping with this week’s webinar the “Tip of the Week” is related to beard whitening & beard care.

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As you likely know this Thursday The Santa Claus Conservatory is host a FREE webinar on beard whitening & care. My featured guest is Santa Schmatz, Eric J. Schmitt-Matzen, the 1st PLACE Winner in the “Full Beard Styled Moustache” category at the National Beard and Moustache Championships.

To join this week’s webinar go to The Santa Claus Conservatory & login, or become a FREE Member if you’re not already, and then login. You will immediately see the registration link as well as the link to the other video sessions that are available to you as a FREE Member.

So here’s the tip from Santa Schmatz…

When it comes to bleaching it is ESSENTIAL that you give your beard plenty of time to “re-moisturize” between bleaching.

Santa Schamtz has very personal experience with this having had has beard burnt twice. The minimum time between bleaching is 2 WEEKS.

If you have any specific questions pertaining to beard whitening or care please post them here or email the to me at Santa @ SantaEd.com and I’ll make sure your question gets answered during the webinar… also, if you cannot attend the session live, it will be video recorded so you can watch it later.

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Oh, one final thing. I will be teaching a full-day “Santa Intensive Training” session this Saturday in Los Angeles. Learn more here- https://the-santa-claus-conservatory.com/person-santa-claus-intensive-training/.

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