Santa Claus Beard Grooming Demonstration

A lot of old guys have white beards… I’m one.

My beard can make me look a lot of ways, like an old biker, or old hippie, or a mountain man… but my favorite look, BY FAR, is looking like Santa Claus.

Here’s the best part, as you will see in this video my beard can go from looking VERY scraggly to looking like a Santa Claus perfect beard in less than 5-minutes.

I initially conducted this Santa Claus beard grooming demonstration on how to make your white beard look like a Santa Claus perfect beard on a Facebook ‘live’ session. If you are a Santa or Mrs. Claus portrayal artist you can join this private group here- https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheSantaClausConservatory/

This is the video…

As you can see grooming your beard to look like Santa Claus is quick & easy.

Become a Silver, Gold or Platinum member of The Santa Claus Conservatory to learn many more tips to become an EVEN MORE extraordinary Santa Claus portrayal artist.





3 thoughts on “Santa Claus Beard Grooming Demonstration”

  1. I never use spray on my beard. When kids touch it, it must feel stiff. When I do my mall gigs it’s for 6+ weeks, 7 days a week. The only thing I put on my beard is just a touch of beard oil or a touch of hair gloss. That way it is soft, natural and supple and kids can touch it all they want. The little ones like to snuggle in it.
    I trim my beard with scissors and thinning shears. Fortunately my beard is curly and full. I keep mine at about 6 to 8 inches in length and trim the sides by the ears (that’s where the thinning shears come in).
    As a professional, beard trimming and grooming is something you have to learn or have professionally done. If a beard is too thin, a perm will make it curly and fuller. I like to be able to step out of the shower, dry my hair and beard and be photo ready without having to worry about sprays and gunk.
    I have received compliments from the photographers, other Santas and many parents on my beard.

  2. Or, if a child touches your beard you can simply whisper… “I sprayed it with some of Mrs. Claus’ hairspray.” 🙂

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