Resources for Professional Santas

Here’s a list of resources that I’m confident will help Santas of all experience levels build their skills, confidence & business.

The first thing on the list is this article you can share with local photographers. It does an excellent job of showing photographers what’s possible and also emphasizes the importance of having and paying a premium for an extraordinary Santa.

The article is titled How This Photographer Made $10,000 in One Day Shooting Santa Sessions

“Santa Claus Engagement Agreement”… Mine is available as a Word doc download.

“Doing Good as Santa Claus”… in this session, you will learn from 3 extraordinary individuals, John Scheuch, Mark Ramsey, Dutch Schrap.

John is the president of Santa America and he’ll share some of his experiences with children in hospice care, children with autism & grief. Mark & Dutch both have their own foundations that do amazing work.

“Storytelling & Upping Your Santa Game”… Santa Michael Wubker walks us through his typical “Home Visit” including the story he tells.

FREE American Sign Language (ASL) Booklet created by Santa Thomas McDonald Santa’s ASL Signs 30 and an entire ASL session taught be Kat Imhausen

“Maximize Your Income & Impact” Santa Ed Taylor – This is the same presentation he presented at the International Santa Celebration in Denver.

“Social Marketing & More” with Santa Mark Ramsey

“9 Do’s & Dont’s for Santa & Mrs. Claus”

“Storytelling Session” with Santa Ed Taylor (+ 2 other storytelling sessions)

“Being a Mall Santa: Soup to Nuts”

“7 Ways to Increase Your Income by Thousands of $ This Santa Season”

“18 Common, Costly & Embarrassing Mistakes Made by Pro Santas & Mrs. Clauses”

“101 Questions for Santa & Answers” with Santa Joe Pridgen

“12 Ways Santas Have Earned More Money”

“18 Common Santa Mistakes Session”

“2017 & 2018 Santa & Mrs Claus Debrief Sessions”

“Up Your Santa Game – Rapport Building Techniques for Santa”

A link to a comprehensive page of equipment suppliers/vendors.

And much, much, more… all with 100% Money-Back Guarantee… monthly payments are available.

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