Pre-Season “Pep Talk” & LAUNCH of NEW SANTA NETWORK

Tuesday, November 5th at 5:30 Pacific Time 

Your computer, smartphone or tablet

PART 1: A virtual “Season Launch Pep Talk” for Santas & Mrs. Clauses worldwide 


PART 2: The launch of SOMETHING BRAND NEW for the Worldwide Santa & Mrs. Claus Network

You will hear several tips Santas across the country have shared on interacting with children, appearing at home & business parties, appearing at large community events, a bit about malls & retail shops, interacting with the media… even a few things you can do this year to make next year even better… and that’s all in the first 30-45 minutes…

The second 30-45 minutes will be a demo of what is nothing short of a revolution in the Santa community… 

The formation of a worldwide network of Santas & Mrs. Clauses dedicated to helping each other, with no organizational politics… This network is dedicated to increasing public awareness of Santa being available to appear at everything from small home & neighborhood parties to large corporate & community events.

As a community, we will increase the national & international awareness of Santa & Mrs. Claus bringing the personal embodiment of the Christmas Spirit to thousands, and perhaps millions, of more people every year. 

I’m SO excited to see this effort become reality in time for this Christmas season!!!


Of course, this session will very likely be ‘overbooked’.  The maximum attendance at the live session is 100. If you can’t get in on the live session the video recording will be available ‘on-demand’ by Wednesday. 11-06.

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