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Photo Shoots- Get Paid for Your Value Not Just Your Time

Last week I did a “photo shoot” for an international company that owns & operates 35 large shopping centers. The photos will be used in print ads, posters and “on-location” signage across the country.

In addition, we shot several “animations” that will be used on the companies social media pages.

My pay structure included both payment for the shoot AND a “buy-out” for a 1-year use of the images. Buy-outs are VERY COMMON, learn more here.

Personally, I NEVER sign a buy-out for “in-perpetuity”, it MUST have an end date.

I’m also VERY specific about usage. If at some point the client wants to use the images in additional ways you are entitled to additional compensation.

I urge you to structure your contacts in ways that fairly compensate you for the value you provide not just for your time.

Here’s an example of the language:

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