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Allowing “the character” to help shape our better behavior is a significant benefit of portraying Santa Claus.

Because we real-bearded Santa portrayers are portraying a character who has such a widespread reputation for being kind, considerate and jolly, and because many of us only portray this single character (and many of us get recognized as Santa in our day-to-day activities) portraying Santa Claus provides us with a unique and very significant opportunity for personal improvement, an opportunity that is simply not attached to other jobs, characters or traditional actors.

Of course, all people can, and should, be good people, but few have the opportunity to have their look help serve as a year-round reinforcement mechanism. 🙂


  • I believe this is very true. I went through my transformation at the end of March. My co-workers in the office had no problem calling me Santa, since I have always been that fun loving guy, who always treated people how I would like to be treated. They tell me that I truly have that code of conduct becoming of Santa. I’m truly humbled that they feel this way towards me. I was at the grocery store today, found myself handing out 5 grocery carts before I grabbed one. They were all smiling at me! I know that I am a kind and sharing person, but now that I look like Santa it’s even more fun!

  • I was at my medical office for an annual physical today and when I checked out the receptionist said, ‘Oh, there you are! There was a boy looking for you, he was just here.’ I sat in the waiting room to be called for some lab work and followed the nurse back in when she called for me.

    Walking down the hall to the lab, I noticed a young, 7ish young man picking out some stickers from a box. I said, ‘There you are! I heard you were looking for me. What did you want?’

    He said, ‘I just wanted to ask you a question. Am I Nice?’

    I answered back, ‘That’s for you to tell me. Do you do nice things?’ He said, ‘I try to.’ I told him I would report back to Mrs. Claus, who keeps the list that he was nice today.’

    He was thrilled and walked out with his mom and grandmom, skipping and hopping all the way as I continued on to the lab.

    It doesn’t often take much to brighten someone’s day, especially a young impressionable child. Look for those opportunities to build up others. It will even build up yourself at the same time.

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