Parades, Tree Lightings & TV Session

Learn tips on how to book & perform in parades and Tree Lighting Ceremonies AND how to get on Local TV… 

The 2nd & 3rd Santa appearances of my ‘Santa career’ were Parades & Tree Lighting ceremonies… I LOVED them and I was hooked instantly.

I was also interviewed for local TV news shows for each event… that was fun too!

Now, 15 years later, I’ve appeared at 26 of these types of events and I’ve been on TV many times. Have a greater impact by spreading the Christmas Cheer in big ways always adds joy to my season.

Many Santas have mentioned that they would like to do, or do more of these types of events, so I’ve decided to add a special “Quick Start” session to help you make that happen this season.

This session is a supplement to our regular Gold & Platinum Level sessions…

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