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Is the North Pole our Fountain of Youth?

I listen to A LOT of audiobooks!

I have a 22-hour “commute” to & from work. I make this “commute” many times per year, not daily of course, but I average 15 to 20 trips a year. That’s 330 to 440 hours a year! The equivalent of more the 10 standard 40-hour work weeks per year.

I devour audiobooks. Nearly all would be classified as “personal development” topics. Everything from the latest marketing insights, like “Ask Gary Vee” to old personal development standards that I’ve read, and or listened to, many times over the past 40 years. Books like “How to Win Friends & Influence People” and my latest listen “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz.

One of the nuggets that stuck with me after my latest listen to “Psycho-Cybernetics” pertains to “Life-Force Energy” which Maltz says flows to us in greater abundance when we are “goal-striving”. When we have clear goals that we consistently think about and work towards we get more “Life-Force Energy”. He goes into this is in depth in chapter 17.

Here’s the basic idea:

It is not retiring from a job that kills men, it is retiring from life. (People who fall into an “existential vacuum” after they retire, age very rapidly because they don’t know what to do.)

Life force: Use it or lose it.

Life force is the energy that propels us towards our goals. Create the need for more life and your body will supply it. Faith, courage, goals, purpose, interest, optimism; GROWTH.

This is what gave me the “North Pole as the Fountain of Youth” concept.

Our Fountain of Youth?

When we “become Santa” and discover our North Pole we change… at least all of the “Santas” I’ve met have. We are filled with a new enthusiasm and new Life Force!

Has this been true for you?

For me portraying & performing as Santa Claus is a very exciting personal development project. I have found many ways, and established many “goals”, that I’m sure (now that I’ve thought about it) have boosted my “Life Force Energy”.

These “goals” have developed around becoming better as a Santa performer, better as a marketer, better as an actor, better as a person, and many other things revolving around portraying Santa & living true to my Higher Self.

How about you? Are you finding ways to increase your “Life Force Energy” through portraying & performing as Santa Claus?

Please share your thoughts/story.

2 Responses to Is the North Pole our Fountain of Youth?

  • I retired from the Fire Dept at 51 and became a vocational teacher the new career was like being jump-
    start. Now, that I’m three years from retiring and during the last four years I’ve been building my next career as Santa Claus. This is my new jump-start. The wonderful art of Santa Claus is making my next step in life feel like I’m a young man again.

  • So far, true dat, Santa Ed! When those kids ran to me….

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