Mysterious Ways… Blessings of a Santa Claus Portrayal Artist

Coincidence or The Christmas Spirit?

I went to Costco this afternoon, something I probably do every couple of weeks when I’m in So Cal. I’m putting some wraps into the cart and a man, probably in his late 60’s or early 70’s in one of those handicap carts sees me and just lights up. He holds his hand out and says, “I just knew we were going to see you here. I told my wife, we’re going to see Santa here tonight.”

I shake his hand and begin to walk away, he says, “Where will you be? I want to get my wife, daughter, and grandson to get another picture with you.”

I said I was just going to get some eggs and water and I’d be right back.

When I came back his wife was now with him, also in a handicap cart. She reached up for a hug and said how her husband said they would see me again today.

Soon the daughter and grandson, the grandson was about 8, joined us.

We pulled to a side and talked and hugged and took pictures and hugged and talked. They explained how they first saw me 3 years ago getting gas at Costco and how I came over to their car and talked so kindly to their bit apprehensive grandchild and how we took photos. (At this time I started to remember them a bit.)

Then they explained how we saw each other in the parking lot last year. I was parking as they were loading their car to leave. Again we talked and took photos.

Of course, I had given the grandson one of my “Caught Being Nice” cards on our prior visits, well yesterday he took one to school to show his friends and IT GOT LOST. He was devastated.

He now has several. 🙂

I SO LOVE doing what I do and being who I have become.

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