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Improve Your 1st Impression

Our 1st impression is often made online. Our website, our profile on gig sites and/or our social media pages.

We also have Word Docs or PDF's of resumes, bio’s & 1-sheets that we send, or should send, to people who make inquiries about our services & availability.

Now is the time to update anything that is part of your 1st impression.

The most common, and likely the most costly, mistake I see Santa’s making…

For us Santa's our photos truly are worth a 1,000 words… What are your photo’s saying about you?

Do you look like you would be fun, jolly and the life of the party?

Or do you look grumpy and stern?

I’m not asking what you are like… I’m asking WHAT DO YOUR PHOTOS SAY ABOUT YOU?

To accentuate your smile comb your mustache up on the ends, or curl the ends up, smile with your whole face… and snap some photos. Selfies can work.

headshot used in GoToMeeting

Santa Selfie

Here's one I took last season…

Do you have new testimonials or reviews you can add to your profiles (should you ask some of last year’s clients to give you a review?)

If you're like me, you LOVE being Santa and you wish you could do more of it. Both during the season and earlier in the year. This will help with that.

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