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He sure doesn’t ACT like Santa Claus!

“I guess Santas are just like everyone else. Some are nice, some are jerks and most are somewhere in the middle.” A quote from a relatively new Santa.

Yesterday I talked with 3 different people who had complaints either about individual Santas or a group of Santas. That was a lot for 1 day… typically I hear those types of complaints 2 or 3 times a week.

As I sit here at my computer thinking about the complaints I hear regularly about Santas it dawned on me… he was right WE ARE “just like everyone else”… and that’s why I’m writing this.

Maybe portraying Santa Claus IS NOT all about the children… MAYBE IT’S ALSO ABOUT US!

What if we were to be more “Santa-like” ALL OF THE TIME?

What if we were kind, considerate, thoughtful and jolly to ALL people? What if our “Santa personality” wasn’t just an act that we put on with our Santa suit? What if we lived more Santa-like 24/7/365 to ALL people?

Not only would we be serving children and their families we would better serve EVERYONE.

Maybe we should, as a community, strive to improve the way we communicate, the words we use, the tone of voice we use, our facial expressions and vocal variations, our expectations, our belief systems… maybe even our worldview.

Could we become beacons of light? Could we change on the inside as much as we do on the outside?

I’m probably out of line even bringing this up… this obviously goes WAY BEYOND portraying Santa or Mrs. Claus.

What do you think, is this a worthy objective?

Should I develop some sessions and “support group” to help us all more fully embody the character traits that are most love about Santa Claus?

Learn more about our Santa Classes here.

10 Responses to He sure doesn’t ACT like Santa Claus!

  • I think that you should create a “support group” and delevop some sessions that would help the Santa community be better Santas, Mrs Claus and elves! What a fantastic idea!

  • That is a very good idea

  • Ed … I am new to the Santa community and I feel I have not quite earned my dues … I also believe my opinion will not change anyone’s mind or outlook on life and the Santa community as a whole … I believe being more Santa-like year round is important for our local communities and for the Santa community, too … who would not be interested in being a better person year round? … I love your classes and your leadership in the Santa community … it is obviously important to us all … YOU understand this world of Santa and I defer to your experience and thought … if you offer the class and feel it is important, I will be there (on the front row taking notes) … thanks for all you do … Koach Kringle🎅🏻🇺🇸

  • Worthy of discussion. I have been feeling my way through this. Recently was hard pressed in a sales presentation that irritated me.
    “But you look so friendly and jolly” Well, I wasn’t by that time.

    Also I speak on public policy sometimes. How do I want to look and sound? It is important that the attitude reflect the moment, I think. Thanks for bringing this up.

  • I strive to be “Santa like” every day and I do believe that it has not only made me a better, more natural Santa, it has made me a kinder person overall.
    A webinar on the benefits of becoming “Santa like 24/7” is a wonderful idea.

  • I’m in – Sounds like a great class! Also one question – if single before going white – Did it effect your dating? I’m still looking and my brother-in-law was joking I’ll be limiting the field to a small portion. Lol. Thought it would interesting to hear from others

  • I totally agree with this. What we do and say in public is a reflection on every brother or sister who portrays Santa or Mrs. Claus. Years ago the WWJD bracelets were popular. “What Would Jesus Do?” Maybe we should have a WWSD bracelet made. “What Would Santa Do?” At least we should ask ourselves that question before we do or say anything in public or online!

  • I already live the part of Santa all year, even before I retired. I wear clothes that give recognition to me as a Santa whenever I go out, and while I am not conspicuous, if someone approaches me, I will easily move into character with a smile and a chuckle and a warm greeting. I do this because like the original Santa, I want to be warm and friendly to all I meet. It has always been my desire to bless others, and being a Santa is completely natural for me.

  • Santa Ed, you and I spoke about this on the phone recently. Everything from greeting people on the street to responses and even seeing the children in non Christmas season and our actions toward them. These and so much more are extremely important for those of us who are 24/7/365. Not only are they important to us personally, but these subjects and how we handle them are important to the image of Santa. Let’s do this! The sooner the better!

  • We are not Santa for a three- or four-week period. As everyone knows, we are approached all year long by children and adults because of our appearance. I think it is incumbent upon us to conduct ourselves in a manner befitting the image of Santa throughout the year. Since I chose to portray Santa several years ago, I have felt an obligation to conduct myself in a manner which will not discredit that image. I think classes such as you propose would be very beneficial.

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