Handout Download & Last Chance to Register

18 Tips to Make This Your Best Santa Season Ever!
FREE WEBINAR Thu, Aug 2, 2018 login at any member level (INCLUDING FREE) to access the session.

Here’s the handout for the session. You can download it, print it out and use it for taking notes. Santa Ed Attendee Handout 18 Tip 08-18

2 thoughts on “Handout Download & Last Chance to Register”

  1. Hi. I see you are a member of IBRBS and FORBS. After doing some research, it seems FORBS was formed earlier than IBRBS.

    Is there an advantage of being a member of either group? Does belonging to both groups offer me a professional advantage?
    Santa Jersey Joe

  2. I enjoy the luncheons and gatherings the groups organize.

    IBRBS is the largest and you can get insurance and a background check through either of them or many other places.

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