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Fee Integrity – Santa Claus School Tip

Fee Integrity

By being compassionate and or by believing that earning “less money” is better than earning “no money at all” we can be tempted to negotiate or fees.

I don’t negotiate fees and here’s why…

If I agree to accept a lower fee I feel that I have essentially over charged the people who paid more. This just doesn’t work for me.

Of course, we can have different rates for non-profit organizations, or for days of the week, times of day and anything else we want… my point is that if we charge one person one rate and another person another rate and there is no “reason” for the difference we are out of integrity… at least that’s the way I see it.

During my many years as a professional speaker this was continually reiterated to me by speaker’s bureaus and agents.

Just to be 100% transparent I post my rates on my website and then I charge the rates I post.

If I’m asked to discount my fee I explain that it just wouldn’t be fair to my clients who pay my standard rate. I assure them I would do an excellent job for them but if my fee is outside of their budget let them know that there less expensive Santa’s in the area and I encourage them to post on GigSalad & GigMasters. I even try to help them find a Santa if I can.

You can find more on this topic, and many other tips, in Class 1 “How to Set Up Your Santa Business to Maximize Your Fun & Income”

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