Doing Well as a Santa Claus Portrayal Artist

DOING WELL FINANCIALLY AS SANTA… Of course, we all want to ‘do good’ and, many of us also want to ‘do well’ as Santa… That is we would like to earn an income doing this work we love doing.

In this session, you’ll learn how a variety of Santas have increased their income… some VERY dramatically. 

You’ll learn how Santas across the country have increased their income, and in several cases done it while decreasing their workload.

You’ll learn how to be worth the “upper end” of the pay scale in your area, and how to get the top rates.

You’ll learn about ‘other’ sources of revenue for Santas… things like being a Brand Ambassador, doing commercial photography work and how to structure your compensation, doing videos & video chats… and a lot more.

ON-DEMAND – https://the-santa-claus-conservatory.com/doing-well-charlie-jordan/

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  1. Darrick Betzenderfer

    Hi Ed,
    Can’t seem to find that free bronze membership activation tab.
    Thank’s Darrick

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