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Community Events Tip

Booking & Performing Community Events is the topic of this week’s GOLD Member discussion so in keeping with the recent trend of relating the tip to the week’s topic. Here goes…



Community events, large Tree Lightings, town lightings, Grand Illuminations… parades and the like are different than most other events we do as Santa due to their scale. Often hundreds, even thousands, of people gather for these events. So here are 2 quick tips.

  1. Be sure to have someone taking GOOD photos that YOU can own the copyright on. These photos are great for your website and in other places.
  2. Be BIG. Wide arms. A HUGE SMILE. Many people will be far away from you, you must exaggerate your smile and your gestures.

I hope you can join us for the GOLD Member discussion. 

Also, be sure to register for the FREE Beard Whitening & Beard Care session… and Santa Ed's LIVE full day session in LA if you are in the area. 


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