Booking Agents for Santa Claus: How to Attract the Best & Avoid the Worst

We professional Santas love ‘BEING’ Santa… but doing ‘the business’, the marketing and paperwork…  well, that may be best left to the elves… or booking agents.

In this session, you will learn exactly how you can work with the best ‘Santa booking agents’ for local, national, and International bookings.

Our special guest for this session, MITCH ALLEN, yes, Mitch Allen the founder of ‘Hire Santa’… the guy who you probably saw on Shark Tank last year… and if you missed it, (Spoiler Alert) YES, he did Hire Santa Shark Tank get a deal.

As the founder and head of ‘Hire Santa’ Mitch helps place hundreds of Santas both nationally & internationally.

Hire Santa’s clients include:
Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, Bloomingdale’s, Bass Pro Shops, Simon Properties, Hotel Intercontinental, MetroPCS and many, many, others.

How about being Santa internationally, or on a Cruise Ship? 

Internationally Hire Santa’s clients include:
Royal Caribbean Cruises
Hilton Hotels
Grand Velas Resorts

Do you prefer doing Home & Company parties close to home?

 Hire Santa places Santas in hundreds of home & company parties across the country.

Parade, Tree Lighting Ceremony and Community event organizers across the country turn to ‘Hire Santa’ when looking for a professional Santa for their events.

Even TV show & movie casting directors have used Hire Santa.

Of course, all of this uniquely qualifies Mitch to talk on this important subject of working with Santa Claus booking agents.

If you’ve been a paid professional Santa for any time at all you have likely heard Santa/Agent ‘horror stories’ ranging from slow or no pay, to poor communications, to Santas even being asked to lie or misrepresent their experience… and worse.  (The levels & tactics some agents stoop to under the guise of, ‘it’s just business’, are repugnant and appalling.)

During this session, you will learn exactly what agents look for in the Santas they work with.

You’ll learn what you can expect from agents… and what the agent will expect from you.

Most importantly you will learn what you should look for in an agent. 

You learn what you can do and how you can help agents ‘sell you’ for the best, most discerning clients so you can be considered for and land the high-profile jobs.

In addition to Mitch sharing his experience as a booking agent and providing us with practical tips & ‘to-do’s’, Mitch also answers questions from Santas.

ACCESS THIS SESSION “ON-DEMAND” 24/7/365 at https://the-santa-claus-conservatory.com/booking-agents-mitch-allen/

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