Blow ‘em Away Santa

First, by blow ‘em away I mean WOW ‘EM!!! Totally impress ‘em.

The “‘em” is your audience.

Within The Santa Claus Conservatory, I constantly emphasize the concept of being extraordinary and I strive to provide tips & strategies to help Santas & Mrs. Clauses consistently exceed the expectations of our customers and audiences.


Well, here are 3 timely ideas.

When it comes to your audience members always remember the power of those little devices that nearly everyone has in their pocket… that’s right a phone!

I use my phone to show photos of Mrs. Claus, my elves & reindeer and me at the beach, etc. kids & parents love it!

These can be your own photos but they don’t have to be. Santas have told me they use reindeer photos they found online and some have had themselves “photoshopped” in.

You can get creative with this.

Another terrific use of the phone is to create Santa & or Mrs. Claus videos for children, parents, co-workers, people’s birthdays, etc.

One the reasons I say Toastmasters International is one of the best ‘schools’ for Santas & Mrs. Clauses is because it helps prepare us for those little ‘improv moments’ both in person and when making videos.

Of course, the traditional ‘selfie’ is also a lot of fun for children of all ages.

Using your phone, and the phones of the people you are interacting with, to add fun and value to your appearances can help you develop a reputation as an extraordinary Santa or Mrs. Claus.


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