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Becoming “Sought-After” as Santa

Here’s the tip of the week- Do things during the season to make you more “sought-after” after the season.

If you’re like me you LOVE being Santa, perhaps the worst part of being Santa is that the season is just too short. That’s the way I felt for years. In fact, after Christmas I was always a bit sad.

A performer friend of mine said it was very common for performers to feel that way after a show ended its run. They even have names for it, they call it "Post Show Blues" or "Post Show Depression".

Well I haven’t had that feeling for the past few years… here’s why.

I implemented a strategy to become “sought-after” as a Santa.

Part of my “sought-after” strategy is to make appearances at high profile events, things like parades, community Tree Lighting ceremonies and other community events. I suggest to the organizers that they invite the media to the events, and I let them know that I would be happy to talk with the media before or after events.

By being “high profile” other people looking for a Santa become aware of you. They seek you out. They don’t want A Santa; they want THAT Santa.

People start looking for you… YOU are sought after.

Because of doing all the things in my “sough-after” strategy I now get to be Santa much more often throughout the year. In fact, this year I had my first Santa appearance at a birthday party in February!

I’m still sorry to see the season end… although I AM ready for a break.

No more Post Show Blues… I know that the show will start again soon.

So again, this week’s tip is “Do things during this season to make you more “sought-after” after the season.”

You can learn many more ways to become “sought-after”, and to be found, in the GOLD Member classes.

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