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Gig Sites: How to make the most of them – FREE WEBINAR

WINTER REGISTRATION CLOSES ON FEBRUARY 5th for Gold & Platinum membership. Core Curriculum sessions start on February 6th. 


Megan is the Director of Customer Experience for GigSalad. She’s been with the company for over 6 years, working in the areas of marketing and customer service.

Megan has also organized multiple events that required booking talent, so she has an insight into both sides of the industry. Her passion is helping people make a living doing what they love!

GigSalad & GigMasters have some Santas saying they’re the greatest thing since sliced bread… while others are saying they are a waste of time, money & effort.

In this session, we’ll also learn from the experiences of others Santas. We find out what has worked for them and what hasn’t.

To ACCESS this session become a member at the Bronze level or higher.

Santa Marketing (Probably Like You’ve Never Seen)

This session is designed especially for Santas & Mrs. Clauses who are seriously interested in growing their Santa business.

BEING A BRAND AMBASSADOR – Santa Randy Cook from Seattle will be joining us to talk about some of his experiences being a Brand Ambassador for several companies. Randy will provide you with unique insight into an aspect of portraying Santa Claus that few have ever done… and it can be a ton of fun & VERY lucrative. I will also share about my 2 years as a Brand Ambassador for Hello Santa.

SWOT FOR SANTA – Derek Dugan in Atlanta will explain what a SWOT Analysis is and how your Santa business can benefit from using this proven business tool.  Derek will also provide an example of a SWOT Analysis. By the way, SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats.  I used this business analysis format for many years in my Internet marking business and still use it when I’m consulting/coaching Encore Entrepreneurs.

We will answer questions on both of the above topics and any other marketing related questions that are posed to the panel.


ABOUT RANDY: Randy Cook is a Santa in the Seattle WA area. He has been a professional artist, a firefighter/EMT, and a teacher. Presently, he works in a public school with students that have had adverse childhood experiences.  While working full-time as a teacher this last Santa season he was able to do over 40 appearances. Most all of his appearances are developed by his online marketing from his website.  Along with these appearances he has marketed personally to be a Brand Ambassador Santa for a motorcycle company, and for an outdoor clothing company that has been in Seattle since 1897.

ABOUT DEREK: In addition to portraying Santa Derek Dugan is an advertising and marketing coach specializing in developing and expanding brand presence, increasing visibility and driving consumers to purchase and engage in products or services offered through that brand.

Some of the most notable brands Derek has been associated with include, Walt Disney World Design and Development, Walt Disney Resort Design, Sea World, Scholastic Books, The Orlando Magic, Grand Hyatt, Bahama Tourism, Suntrust, United Community Bank, Barclay, SearsCard, American Flat Track Racing, Harley Davidson Motorcycle, and Indian Motorcycle.

Happy New Year

Just saying Happy New Years sounds so obligatory… so insincere.

At the same time I really, truly, want to wish you a Happy, prosperous, healthy New Year. So Happy New Year!

It’s so exciting to think about investing all that we’ve learned over the past year, and in all of our prior years, into this new year… into 2019.

2019 also marks some changes at The Santa Claus Conservatory. I have changed the membership model from annual to 12 months. So regardless of when you join your membership will run for 12 months.

There’s also been a slight increase in the membership fees and I’ve added a brand new Bronze level that’s only $27.  Go to The Santa Claus Conservatory dot com to see what’s included at the various membership levels.

Also, renewing members can receive a discount if they renew by January 16th… log in to your membership hub to renew at the discounted rate.

This is a strange time of the year for us Santas & Mrs. Clauses… we just wrapped up our season… we’ve had some time to recover and think a bit… we might feel a bit sad to see the season go… at the same time we’re excited about 2019, and if you’re like me, you want to do what you can to make 2019 EVEN BETTER than 2018 or 2017 or any prior years.

Even though I had a terrific 2018 I don’t want a repeat of 2018 in 2019… I want this year to be even better, I want it to bring new experiences…

I love the fact that I shot a commercial in Japan last year. I love that I had a movie that I was in, This Was Our Christmas, come out in 2018.

I love that I was able to be Santa for nearly 300 adults with developmental disabilities… and that I spent time with the Homeless at the Midnight Mission on Skid Row in Los Angeles and with very sick children at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

I love that I was doing Santa stuff from July through Christmas. I feel incredibly blessed to have had the the 2018 I had.

Do you feel the same way? Would you like 2019 to be even better than in 2018?

One way we can all do that is to learn from one another… to help with that I’ll be hosting our “2018 Santa & Mrs. Claus Debrief” session on Thursday, January 3rd. This session is FREE session sponsored by The Santa Claus Conservatory and available to Santas & Mrs. Clauses worldwide.

Our 9 Core Sessions will be on Wednesdays this year… the first 3 Wednesday’s of February, March & April.

Lastly, I just want to say I’m so happy for you. I’ve received over 100 emails, text & facebook messages sharing experiences of being in parades, working in malls & retail outlets, doing home & business parties… and several from Santas who did commercials, TV & movie work. These messages thanked me and the Conservatory… but it’s me that owes you the thanks.

I thank you for being a part of this community. I feel so good knowing that so many of you are learning things that are helping you have more fun & have a greater impact as Santas & Mrs. Clauses.

I know many of you mentioned The Santa Claus Conservatory in interviews with local & national media… THANK YOU FOR THAT… the Wall Street Journal, VOX & Fox Business all interviewed me about the Conservatory in 2018… as did several local news outlets.

Let’s make 2019 even more special. Let’s do all we can do to build, nurture and help keep the SPIRIT of Christmas and the SPIRIT, the thoughtfulness, the generosity, the kindness, the jolliness of Santa & Mrs. Claus alive and flourishing ALL YEAR LONG.

God Bless you and all whose lives you touch.


Mysterious Ways… Blessings of a Santa Claus Portrayal Artist

Coincidence or The Christmas Spirit?

I went to Costco this afternoon, something I probably do every couple of weeks when I’m in So Cal. I’m putting some wraps into the cart and a man, probably in his late 60’s or early 70’s in one of those handicap carts sees me and just lights up. He holds his hand out and says, “I just knew we were going to see you here. I told my wife, we’re going to see Santa here tonight.”

I shake his hand and begin to walk away, he says, “Where will you be? I want to get my wife, daughter, and grandson to get another picture with you.”

I said I was just going to get some eggs and water and I’d be right back.

When I came back his wife was now with him, also in a handicap cart. She reached up for a hug and said how her husband said they would see me again today.

Soon the daughter and grandson, the grandson was about 8, joined us.

We pulled to a side and talked and hugged and took pictures and hugged and talked. They explained how they first saw me 3 years ago getting gas at Costco and how I came over to their car and talked so kindly to their bit apprehensive grandchild and how we took photos. (At this time I started to remember them a bit.)

Then they explained how we saw each other in the parking lot last year. I was parking as they were loading their car to leave. Again we talked and took photos.

Of course, I had given the grandson one of my “Caught Being Nice” cards on our prior visits, well yesterday he took one to school to show his friends and IT GOT LOST. He was devastated.

He now has several. 🙂

I SO LOVE doing what I do and being who I have become.

Cool Vest for Santa Claus ThermApparel Review

Santa Claus needs to keep cool… but he doesn’t need to add any weight or girth.

Here’s the solution… a Santa Claus cool vest… but not just any cool vest. This vest by ThermApparel add almost nothing to the cookie zone and weighs less than 2 pounds!

You can learn more at https://www.thermapparel.net/santa and be sure to use the Discount Code SANTA18 to SAVE 10%

Webcam Teleprompter – Little Prompter

I’ve been creating “Videos from Santa” since 2007 and I’ve tried everything I could think of to make them better and to produce them faster. I started with a camcorder and my notes on nearby whiteboards and evolved to a webcam and post it notes near the lens.

The videos always fell a bit short. Regardless of how hard I tried to memorize the script or how close to the camera I posted my notes I would always lose that all important eye contact with the lens… the Little Prompter changes that!

In less than 5 minutes the “Little Prompter” took me from 11 years as an amateur to a real professional.

Now with my script scrolling right in front of the camera lens, the videos are simply amazing… Santa is actually talking directly to you.  I love it… and so do the children who watch the videos.

Little Prompter Links

Little Prompter

Joe Allen’s Teleprompter Premium APP (iOS)
App Store

Mini Desktop Tabletop Tripod ZOMEI ZM-HR-CK30-RED-01

Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920

“Santa” Ed Taylor
That Santa Guy

Little Prompter – Webcam Prompter Review 11-10-18

Santa Claus Commercials

When I started portraying Santa Claus in Los Angeles in 2011, I was encouraged to “get an agent” and “be a Santa Claus on TV”.

WOW! I had never thought of that, but it sounded fun.

In 2012 I was fortunate enough to be signed by the top commercial agent in Hollywood. Since 2012 I ’ve shot 12 commercials and appeared on 14 TV shows.

You can see excerpts from my appearances in Santa Claus commercials and on TV shows.

Santa Claus Commercials & TV Shows


Old Navy




Urban Home


Reddi Whip

Band Aid

Hello Santa

Palm Springs Tram

Imperial Woodpecker w/NDA

Visit Palm Springs



Jimmy Kimmel Show

Steve Harvey



The Doctors

That Awkward Game Show

Dose Morning Show

Guilty Pleasures

MTV’s Ridiculousness


The Today Show

The Talk

The John Kerwin Show




Santa Stole Our Dog: A Merry Doggone Christmas!

Beverly Hills Christmas 2

Daddy’s Home (Movie Trailer)

Conversations with God

I never ever could have imagined being a Santa Claus in national TV commercials and shows… and it has been SO MUCH FUN!


Adult Party ‘Talking Points’ with Santa Walt Kaiser


Walt Kaiser Questions 11-05-18


Carter Jackson

Yesterday at 2:28 PM

Greetings all! I have been booked for an historic, Victorian home and museum for a Christmas Formal. Obviously, I will mingle, pictures, etc. What other things could I do with adults. This is my first year. Grateful for any advice and suggestions.

Ed Taylor I have found that adults often like to get videos of Santa wishing children, grandchildren and others a merry Christmas or other greetings and well wishes.

Walt Kaiser The adults also like to hear about the Life of Saint Nicolas, How Santa came to be what we are called in different countries. How we can visit all the countries in one evening Why we use the colors we do in suit, why the hat is shaped the way it is etc.

Here is what I tell adults regarding Saint Nicolas, born about 273 AD, in Patara, now in Turkey, not a white guy but of middle eastern ancestry. The story goes that his parents died when he was young and left a goody inheritance. One evening while out walking thru the town he saw 3 sisters whom he knew had no dowery.

At that time no dowery meant no marriage and possibly a very bad life was install for them. The next night he walked by and noticed a window open, he thought of putting coins in a purse and throwing it in the window but was not sure that there dad would use it for their dowery. The next evening he came by later in the evening , saw the window open and that the young girls had their stocking drying by the fire. He crawled thru the window and put coins in each of their stockings, hence” the stockings were hung by the chimney with care with the hope that saint Nicolas would soon be there” was born.

As he became an adult he eventually became a Bishop in the early church.

Another FREE Santa Training Sessions Courtesy of:

There are various stories about his Sainthood, one goes that he had an argument with another Bishop about the tenant that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is one, where the other Bishop argued that they were 23 separate being. The argument became heated, and Nicolas struck the other Bishop. Nicolas was to be placed in a cell for doing the assault. He was stripped of his Bishop’s robe, Mitre and Bible and thrown in a cell. The next morning the guard came to feed Nicolas and found him in his robe, Mitre and reading from his Bible. This was deemed a miracle and contributed to his Sainthood.

The hat that we wear as Santa. although folded resembles the bishop’s mitre.

The red from the suit is the red of a bishop’s robe.

The staff that bishops carry became the candy cane and can be read as a J for Jesus or as a staff.

The red of the candy cane is for the blood that Christ shed for us and the white is for the fact that we have been forgiven our sins.

I also talk about skipping forward centuries to Holland and the emergence of Sinter Claus.

Of course, Thomas Nast, Clark Clement Moore and Haden Sundblum are all mentioned as well.

We do not have to cover the world in 1 night because there are countries that do not believe in Santa Claus, China, India, Southeast Asia, parts of Africa etc.

I also let them know that we actually visit 3 times depending upon your religion, Dec 6th for the Feast of St. Nicolas, celebrating the life and death of Nicolas. The Julian Calendar day of 12.25 and the Orthodox Christian day of Jan 7th .

Then when I leave, I wish them a Merry Christmas, Feli Navidad, Joyeaux Noel, Bon Natale, and Froelich Weinachten.

The above usually takes me just under an hour because I also do a Q &A session with them.

Hope this helps





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