Allowing Santa to Make You a Better Person

Santa Claus has given me, and I expect you, a HUGE gift.

When we “be” Santa, whether it’s at a Christmas party, a mall, or when we’re walking down the aisle in a grocery store or sitting in a restaurant… a part of us shines. The best part of us. We smile and we’re friendly. In that moment we are living examples of the best of human nature.

Here’s my tip…

Expand it. Be Santa even when nobody’s looking.

Let the friendliness, the joy, the jolliness, the love and compassion expand in your life.

Several years ago I decided to allow Santa to lead my way. I allowed Santa, at least my vision of Santa, to permeate my entire self. I have “used” Santa to peruse new business ventures, to teach and act and perform. I’ve also used Santa to be a nicer, kinder, more considerate person in ALL that I do.

Santa has given me the incredible gift of being a better person.

So again, embody the spirit of Santa Claus in all you do, even when no one is looking… because of course He does see us when we’re sleeping and He knows when we’re awake so let’s be good… for GOODNESS sake.

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