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Adult Party ‘Talking Points’ with Santa Walt Kaiser


Walt Kaiser Questions 11-05-18


Carter Jackson

Yesterday at 2:28 PM

Greetings all! I have been booked for an historic, Victorian home and museum for a Christmas Formal. Obviously, I will mingle, pictures, etc. What other things could I do with adults. This is my first year. Grateful for any advice and suggestions.

Ed Taylor I have found that adults often like to get videos of Santa wishing children, grandchildren and others a merry Christmas or other greetings and well wishes.

Walt Kaiser The adults also like to hear about the Life of Saint Nicolas, How Santa came to be what we are called in different countries. How we can visit all the countries in one evening Why we use the colors we do in suit, why the hat is shaped the way it is etc.

Here is what I tell adults regarding Saint Nicolas, born about 273 AD, in Patara, now in Turkey, not a white guy but of middle eastern ancestry. The story goes that his parents died when he was young and left a goody inheritance. One evening while out walking thru the town he saw 3 sisters whom he knew had no dowery.

At that time no dowery meant no marriage and possibly a very bad life was install for them. The next night he walked by and noticed a window open, he thought of putting coins in a purse and throwing it in the window but was not sure that there dad would use it for their dowery. The next evening he came by later in the evening , saw the window open and that the young girls had their stocking drying by the fire. He crawled thru the window and put coins in each of their stockings, hence” the stockings were hung by the chimney with care with the hope that saint Nicolas would soon be there” was born.

As he became an adult he eventually became a Bishop in the early church.

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There are various stories about his Sainthood, one goes that he had an argument with another Bishop about the tenant that the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is one, where the other Bishop argued that they were 23 separate being. The argument became heated, and Nicolas struck the other Bishop. Nicolas was to be placed in a cell for doing the assault. He was stripped of his Bishop’s robe, Mitre and Bible and thrown in a cell. The next morning the guard came to feed Nicolas and found him in his robe, Mitre and reading from his Bible. This was deemed a miracle and contributed to his Sainthood.

The hat that we wear as Santa. although folded resembles the bishop’s mitre.

The red from the suit is the red of a bishop’s robe.

The staff that bishops carry became the candy cane and can be read as a J for Jesus or as a staff.

The red of the candy cane is for the blood that Christ shed for us and the white is for the fact that we have been forgiven our sins.

I also talk about skipping forward centuries to Holland and the emergence of Sinter Claus.

Of course, Thomas Nast, Clark Clement Moore and Haden Sundblum are all mentioned as well.

We do not have to cover the world in 1 night because there are countries that do not believe in Santa Claus, China, India, Southeast Asia, parts of Africa etc.

I also let them know that we actually visit 3 times depending upon your religion, Dec 6th for the Feast of St. Nicolas, celebrating the life and death of Nicolas. The Julian Calendar day of 12.25 and the Orthodox Christian day of Jan 7th .

Then when I leave, I wish them a Merry Christmas, Feli Navidad, Joyeaux Noel, Bon Natale, and Froelich Weinachten.

The above usually takes me just under an hour because I also do a Q &A session with them.

Hope this helps





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