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7 Ways to Increase Your Income by Thousands of $ This Santa Season


Want to earn more income portraying Santa this season?

Join us. You’ll learn:

  • How to add new sources of income from portraying Santa
    Including 1 that added $14,000 to my annual income
    Another that added $12,500 to my annual income
  • How to create a rate structure to increase income
  • How to negotiate better contracts
  • How to book more/better-paying engagements

Yes, over the last 4 years I’ve averaged over $26,000 per year in “extra” income from very unconventional sources.

Last year I had a Santa send me an unsolicited, and totally unexpected, $500 check as a thank you for advice I gave him. Advice that allowed him to earn thousands of more dollars than he otherwise would have earned.

You will learn 7 very specific things, proven things that I and other Santas have done to significantly add to our income, things that you too can likely use to increase your income this Santa season.


Silver, Gold & Platinum members of the conservatory get FREE access. Simply login to access the registration link.


I AM NOT guaranteeing that YOU, if you attend this session, or watch the recording, will increase YOUR income by thousands. I hope you will, and I’ll provide you with ideas and share experiences that I’m confident you will find helpful.

But ultimately it will be up to you and the community you serve to determine your income.


2 Responses to 7 Ways to Increase Your Income by Thousands of $ This Santa Season

  • I can,t get into your registering for Ways to make more money. You said U might send me a Pay Pal registration So I,m Not sure if u did or not, thanks Bill shardlow or 604-250-7165

  • You must become a Silver Member or higher to access that session.

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