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$41,000 for the Season

Imagine staying at a first-class resort, having travel & all expenses paid and receiving a check for $41,000… and you get to portray Santa Claus in China to boot!

It almost sounds too good to be true, right? It’s not!

Another Santa I know went overseas and was paid less for the season, only $22,000, but he had lots of time to explore an exotic location and the hourly rate for his Santa appearances averaged a whopping $594 per hour!

Sound fun?

Tomorrow, Thursday, April 4th I have 2 “International Santas” who will share their experiences in our Gold Member webinar. You will learn how they booked the jobs, what they did, what they were paid and much, much, more.

This session is for Gold & Platinum members only… but I have reopened Gold & Platinum enrollment for the Spring/Summer sessions SO YOU CAN BECOME A 2018 GOLD MEMBER NOW for ONLY $197

In addition to learning about getting high-paying international Santa jobs, we’ll cover a couple of other things for Santas you prefer to stay closer to home.

Become a Gold Member now you get instant access to 69 recorded sessions, access to the 9 live “core sessions” starting in May and all of the other resources in the Conservatory for all of 2018! JOIN HERE

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