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Getting Paid to Be on TV + GOLD Membership

Getting Paid to Be on TV (locally & nationally)

Good news & better news.

  1. IT’S A GO! The response to my question about offering a series of webinars about getting on TV was very encouraging. So, YES! I’ll be offering a 3-session series of webinars on this topic.
  2. LOWER COST. Even though the vast majority of people who were interested at a level 10 were OK with the $500 ($250 GOLD Member) cost estimate. I’ve decided to offer the sessions at a lower cost. And for ease of access to the video recordings, I’ve decided to make these sessions ONLY available to GOLD Members. The investment for GOLD MEMBERS is ONLY $147.
  3. GOLD Membership is ONLY $197.
  4. NEW GOLD Membership + the TV Sessions ONLY $344. 
  5. LIMITED SIZE– To make these sessions as valuable and useful as possible to attendees I’m limiting access to a maximum 25 people.

    (only 8 “seats” remain as of 03-29-17)

FYI- These sessions will be divided into 3 topics.

  1. Getting Started. 
  2. Auditions, Call-Backs and Bookings.
  3. On Set: Do’s & Don’ts.

The live sessions will be Monday’s April, 10th, 17th, & 24th starting at 5:30PM Pacific time.

Of course, I’ll share from my personal experience being cast on 12 TV shows, shooting 11 TV commercials (5 of which were national), 2 films and 5 Internet commercials.

I’ll also share experiences from agents, casting directors, ad agencies, other actors & Santa’s who’ve been cast and drummed up their own business in different markets across the country.

Once the 25-person limit is reached the order button will be removed.

Click Image to Watch Reel

Getting TV Bookings

In the past 4 years I’ve personally appeared on 12 TV shows, shot 11 TV commercials (5 of which were national), 2 films and 5 Internet commercials. Every year a number of Santa’s across the country appear on TV programs and commercials and even in movies.

Would you be interested in attending a series of sessions on getting booked for TV shows and commercials?

I explain the details in the video. Please respond with your 1-10 email.

101 Questions for Santa (and their answers)

FREE Webinar- There are many important aspects of portraying Santa Claus, especially when it comes to being an extraordinary Santa.

Being prepared for the dozens of different questions children, tweens, teens, parents and grandparents can ask is very helpful and very comforting to every Santa.

Learn from experienced Santa’s who have “been there, done that”.

The webinar will be conducted on Tuesday, March 28th ALL Santas & Mrs. Claus’ are welcome!

To attend you must:

  1. Be a FREE, Silver or Gold member of the Santa Claus Conservatory.
  2. Be one of the first 100 people to login on the day of the webinar
  3. To Register Login & Click here>>>

YES, this session will be video recorded and the recording will be available to ALL 2017 Members of The Santa Claus Conservatory.

Tax Tip for 2017 – You’ll love it!

In keeping with the topic of Tuesday’s free webinar “Tax Time: What Santa’s Need to Know” my tip this week is tax related.

About this time last year I came across one of the business Apps I have on my iPhone. It’s a mileage tracking that detects every trip automatically. At the end of the day you simply add a memo to your business trips add slide them to the right. That’s it!

Since every 1,000 miles is worth $535 I’m saving thousands… all automatically!

You get complete reporting of your total miles and your “work” miles. The reports are all downloadable… I LOVE IT!

It’s called Everlance. Check it out, here’s your custom link:

FREE TAX Webinar

Many of us Santa’s are self-employed, or Independent Contractors, and this can lead to some interesting tax questions. Santa Steve Eastis, the Treasurer/CFO of the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas and former Tax Preparer in the State of California will give us valuable tips we can use to get all of the write-offs we’re entitled to.

Steve will also make us aware of things we can’t write off as well as potential “red flags” that might catch the eye of the IRS.

This session was recorded on 2-28-17 and is available to all members (GOLD, Sliver & Free) of The Santa Claus Conservatory.

Login & Access it Here:

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