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7 Season Enhancers Webinar

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SPECIAL GUEST- “Santa” Mark Ramsey

Based in Portland, Oregon in his first year portraying Santa Mark averaged 4 video chats per day during the 2016 holiday season. He also sent 78 personalized “Letters from Santa”, made 22 Home visits, 26 Corporate Events, did print ads, commercials, and even a brand endorsement.

Mark brings decades of business & marketing experience to his work as Santa. ALL Mark does as Santa is in support of a charity he and his wife started in 2016.

This 2-hour session covers what I think are 7 of the most important topics for an independent Santa as we head into Santa Season 2017.

Here are the 7 topics:

  1. Working with Photos Studios/Photographers (Extend your season)
  2. Getting PAID parts on TV & Movies (How to catch local opportunities)
  3. Becoming a Spokesperson/Brand Ambassador (Can double your income)
  4. Santa Specific Storytelling (Add more fun to Home Parties)
  5. Negotiating Better Contracts (Ugly but important)
  6. Our Rates- How to be Fair (Feeling good about every gig we do)
  7. Doing more with Video & Video Chats (Our greatest new opportunity)

This session is all about things we can do to have more fun, extend our season & increase our opportunities and be fairly compensated, especially for the use of our images.

We will also have an unlimited Q&A session.

The live session is scheduled for Thursday, October 19th from 5:30 – 7:30 PM Pacific time. BUT, this time of the year my schedule IS VERY DYNAMIC so this session is very subject to being rescheduled. I know this information is time sensitive so if it is necessary for me to reschedule I will present the session as soon after the 19th as possible.

YES, the session will be recorded and all who register will receive access.

This session is FREE to all 2017 GOLD & PLATINUM Members.

CURRENT Silver, Gold & Platinum Members simply login to register. 

If you are NOT currently a GOLD or Platinum Member you can join now as a GOLD Member for the remainder of 2017 & all of 2018 for only $247.

Or, if you prefer, you can attend/access THIS SESSION and get 2017 SILVER Membership for $47.50. 

Select whichever option will work best for you… and do consider, with the GOLD Member option not only do you get this session, you also get access to 30 more recorded sessions, you earn the Certificate of Completion, the web badge for use THIS season & you get ACCESS to ALL of next years Gold Member sessions… and you get a Money-Back Guarantee!

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9 Costly ‘Santa Mistakes’ for 2017 – Free Webinar

Portraying Santa Claus is a TON of fun… that’s the primary reason most Santas I know do this, and keep doing it year after year… WE LOVE IT!

And… we can get set in our ways, we can think that what worked and was acceptable 5 years ago, or 10 years ago, is OK today. Well, the times they are a chang’n.

This session is about those changes and what we can do to have even more fun, and what we can do to avoid costly and or embarrassing mistakes.

A live Question & Answer session will be included.

You can access the recording of this session by logging into this website as a FREE Member or higher.




Being a Mall Santa with WorldWide Photography

Visiting Santa in the mall is a longstanding American tradition… and WorldWide Photography is a leader in the field.

I was joined in this FREE WEBINAR by Kristi Cooper, Field Recruitment Manager for WorldWide Photography. WWP offers services in over 300 locations in 48 states nationwide. Kristi has been a part of the WWP Talent/Recruiting Team for 4 years.

WWP offers services in over 300 locations in 48 states nationwide. Kristi has been a part of the WWP Talent/Recruiting Team for 4 years.

We covered everything from the hiring process to wrapping up at the end of the season.

We talked about pay, lodging, travel expenses, what is expected on set, what WWP looks for when recruiting and much more.

We concluded with a Q&A session.

LOG-IN at any Membership level, including FREE, to watch the replay.


Santa Season 2017: “9 To Do’s & 9 Costly Mistakes” a FREE webinar…

Santas are losing their jobs simply by saying things that were ok 3 years ago.

Social media and the ubiquity of cameras provide us with opportunities like never before, they also pose hazards that must be understood by Santas & Mrs. Claus’ everywhere.

We’ll take 90 minutes and cover 9 things that can help us have more fun, serve more people and earn more money.

We’ll also look at 9 things that can be embarrassing, troublesome and costly.

A live Question & Answer session will be included.

FREE– join us live Thursday, September 21st 5:30PM Pacific Time

Register here-

If miss the live session you can access the recording on this website on September 22nd.

Invite your Santa & Mrs. Claus friends, we can accommodate up to 100 people on the live session.

Photo Shoots- Get Paid for Your Value Not Just Your Time

Last week I did a “photo shoot” for an international company that owns & operates 35 large shopping centers. The photos will be used in print ads, posters and “on-location” signage across the country.

In addition, we shot several “animations” that will be used on the companies social media pages.

My pay structure included both payment for the shoot AND a “buy-out” for a 1-year use of the images. Buy-outs are VERY COMMON, learn more here.

Personally, I NEVER sign a buy-out for “in-perpetuity”, it MUST have an end date.

I’m also VERY specific about usage. If at some point the client wants to use the images in additional ways you are entitled to additional compensation.

I urge you to structure your contacts in ways that fairly compensate you for the value you provide not just for your time.

Here’s an example of the language:

How to Become a Santa Claus

You probably saw how Tim Allen became Santa Claus in the movie “The Santa Clause”. Well, it’s nothing like that in real life. 😊

Here’s how it happened to me and many other professional Santas I know.

We somehow volunteered (often pretty reluctantly) to be Santa Claus at a function of some sort, a church function, a fund raiser, a community event… and we fell in love with it.

Many professional Santas are retired and they “become Santa” strictly for the love of it. Often, they do primarily volunteer activities… I did that for seven years.

Others become Santa Claus to supplement their income. Many Santas work in malls or other retail shops like Bass Pro. They get to do work they love and earn some extra money while they’re at it.

Some Santa’s want to “take it to the next level”. This is what I’ve done. After 7 years of primarily volunteering as Santa Claus at local events in southern Oregon, I decided to “go all-in as Santa Claus”. I arranged for seasonal housing in Los Angeles and started drumming up business.

I booked some great Santa Claus gigs in Los Angeles, before long I had a Hollywood Talent Agent and I was going on auditions to play Santa Claus on TV commercials.

Santa Claus Chrysler Commercial

TV Commercial Santa Claus

I think I could write a book on “How to Become Santa Claus in Hollywood”.

Well, here’s my Santa Claus resume…

Personal Appearances:

  • Santa Claus Jimmy Kimmel cast & crew party (2016)
  • Santa Claus Ellen DeGeneres cast & crew party (2016)
  • Santa Claus The Late Late Show with James Corden cast & crew party (2016)
  • Santa Claus Montage Hotel Beverly Hills (2015 & 16)
  • Santa Claus International Cinematographers Guild (2013, 14, 15, 16)
  • Santa Claus Motion Picture Editors Guild (2016)
  • Santa Claus Paramount Studios (2016)
  • Santa Claus Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills (2013, 14, 15, 16)
  • Santa Claus Los Angeles Rams (2016)
  • Santa Claus Los Angeles Lakers (2014, 16)
  • Santa Claus Los Angeles Clippers (2014)
  • Santa Claus Los Angeles Children’s Hospital (2016)
  • Santa Claus Mattel Toys (2012, 13, 14, 16)
  • Santa Claus Microsoft/Century City Mall (2011)
  • Santa Claus Pinterest Company Party (2016)
  • Santa Claus Facebook Company Party (2014, 15, 16)
  • Santa Claus Jib Jab Company Party (2014)
  • Santa Claus Riot Games Company Party (2014, 15, 16)
  • Santa Claus US Air Force (2013, 14, 15, 16)
  • Santa Claus USC (2015)
  • Santa Claus Young Americans (2014, 15, 16)
  • Santa Claus The Ebell (2013, 14, 15, 16)
  • Santa Claus In N Out Burger (2014, 15)
  • Santa Claus L.A. County Women’s Jail (2015)
  • Santa Claus 3rd Street Promenade Santa Monica (2013, 14, 15, 16)
  • Santa Claus YouTube Space (2014, 15)
  • Santa Claus ArcLight Cinemas (2016)
  • Santa Claus Wiltern Theater (2016)
  • Santa Claus Old Town Pasadena (2014)
  • Santa Claus Many More Company Parties (2013, 14, 15, 16)
  • Santa Claus Many Events at Country Clubs (2013, 14, 15, 16)
  • Santa Claus Many Foundation Events (2013, 14, 15, 16)
  • Santa Claus Many Home Parties & Private Celebrity Events (2013, 14, 15, 16)

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Ho Ho Ho Holidays Santa Claus Palisadian Post Cover
Sunset Magazine Santa Claus Ashland Visitors Bureau
PhotoFuse Santa Claus Microsoft
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Coca Cola – Tinder Santa Claus Colt Seman
Hallmark – “Secret Santa” Santa Claus Spirit Clips
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I was also the Santa recruiter, trainer and national “Brand Ambassador” for 2 years with “Hello Santa”

I’ve worked with photos studios, open air photographers.

I’m Santa Claus for the “Just BeClaus” sticker emjoi’s with Hallmark eCards.

I’ve appeared as Santa Claus in many parades & Tree Lighting ceremonies.

I was Santa Claus at a Hollywood “Red Carpet” movie premiere at Paramount Studios.

Do you want to learn how to become a professional Santa Claus?

Join us here at The Santa Claus Conservatory.

Santa & Mrs. Claus: Practice in Public

“You have really gotten better.”

Several Santas have recently told me that over the last few years they’ve seen a significant improvement in my videos.

The key words are- “THEY’VE SEEN”.

Jeff Goins’ excellent new book, “Real Artists Don’t Starve” lays out a 3-Part, 12-Point, plan for success as an artist. Point 8 is “Practice in Public”.

I hadn’t heard of this concept until a few days ago but it’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the past few years and continue to do now.

Practicing in public is also something I encourage you to consider.

Part of my practicing in public included the creation of a YouTube Channel and made a commitment to upload a new video at least once a week. I did toy reviews and later little poems. You can see the videos here-

I also regularly post videos on Facebook and I frequently use videos for the weekly tips on The Santa Claus Conservatory website.

All of this, plus the videos I make for other projects I’m working on, and the “on the street” videos I make regularly is “practicing in public”.

By making many hundreds of videos I’m getting better. By making them “in public” I know the bar is higher than if I never showed them to people. This encourages me to “up my game”.


I can see that I need to practice opening my eyes wider, slowing my speech, smiling bigger and finding cuter poses.

Video has been the single greatest tool to help me become a better Santa Claus performer.


WE HAVE MORE FUN! I’ve found that the better and more self-confident I become in my ability to deliver an extraordinary Santa performance the more fun I have.

Having the words, looks, reactions, etc. at the ready and being confident of the reaction they’ll get allows me to relax and be “in the moment” while performing… and this is MUCH MORE FUN!

If you’re a GOLD or PLATINUM Member of the Conservatory my mentorship is included in your annual fee. I’m happy to coach you and give you my honest assessment of your videos.

In 90 days we’ll be in early November. 🙂

FYI- the “Storytelling as Santa” video recording is now available.

Storytelling as Santa & Mrs Claus

It just seems like Santa & Mrs. Claus should be pretty good storytellers, right?

Yet in the venues most of us work in most of the time it’s difficult to find the time and maintain enough attention to tell a proper story.

So, what do we do? What stories do we tell? When do we tell them? How do we make or stories engaging and also convey a meaningful lesson or moral?

I’ve found that for me the most useful stories are very flexible. Stories that I can tell in 2 or 3 minutes or take 8 to 10 minutes and add more depth when time permits.

This session is for Santas & Mrs Claus’ who want to get better at creating & telling short stories as part of typical Santa visits and in situations where Santa or Mrs Claus is engaging with children/families for longer periods of time.

To attend this session, you must be a Silver Member or Higher. Investment for Silver Membership is ONLY $47 and this session alone will be worth that.

As a Silver member you will also receive access to these additional 6 sessions:

  • “7 Ways to Add Thousands to Your Income this Santa Season”
  • “9 Tips to Earn More & Have More Fun as Santa”
  • “Beard Whitening & Care”
  • “Simple Sign Language for Santa & Mrs. Claus”
  • “Being Mrs. Claus”
  • “Being Santa Claus for Children with Special Needs”

To become a Silver, Gold or Platinum Member & ENROLL IN THIS SESSION – CLICK HERE

Being a Mall Santa- Soup to Nuts

A FREE WEBINAR – Login to the site for immediate access.

Each year hundreds of thousands of children visit Santa at malls and stores each year.

Thousands of Santas have the honor of working on these sets.

This session is geared to those Santas who currently work these venues or would simply like to learn more about being a “mall Santa”.

We’ll talk about everything from how to land a job at a mall or retail location, to the finer points of negotiating a contract, including some negotiation points that may surprise you.

GORDON BAILEY: A luminary in the Santa business will be on the panel. Gordon will share his wisdom, answer my questions and answer questions from attendees as well.

JUST ADDED- STEVE EASTIS: Steve has many years of mall experience. He will add a lot of value to this session.

In addition to Gordon and I, we will have other Santas share some of the valuable lessons they have learned while being mall Santas.

Is the North Pole our Fountain of Youth?

I listen to A LOT of audiobooks!

I have a 22-hour “commute” to & from work. I make this “commute” many times per year, not daily of course, but I average 15 to 20 trips a year. That’s 330 to 440 hours a year! The equivalent of more the 10 standard 40-hour work weeks per year.

I devour audiobooks. Nearly all would be classified as “personal development” topics. Everything from the latest marketing insights, like “Ask Gary Vee” to old personal development standards that I’ve read, and or listened to, many times over the past 40 years. Books like “How to Win Friends & Influence People” and my latest listen “Psycho-Cybernetics” by Maxwell Maltz.

One of the nuggets that stuck with me after my latest listen to “Psycho-Cybernetics” pertains to “Life-Force Energy” which Maltz says flows to us in greater abundance when we are “goal-striving”. When we have clear goals that we consistently think about and work towards we get more “Life-Force Energy”. He goes into this is in depth in chapter 17.

Here’s the basic idea:

It is not retiring from a job that kills men, it is retiring from life. (People who fall into an “existential vacuum” after they retire, age very rapidly because they don’t know what to do.)

Life force: Use it or lose it.

Life force is the energy that propels us towards our goals. Create the need for more life and your body will supply it. Faith, courage, goals, purpose, interest, optimism; GROWTH.

This is what gave me the “North Pole as the Fountain of Youth” concept.

Our Fountain of Youth?

When we “become Santa” and discover our North Pole we change… at least all of the “Santas” I’ve met have. We are filled with a new enthusiasm and new Life Force!

Has this been true for you?

For me portraying & performing as Santa Claus is a very exciting personal development project. I have found many ways, and established many “goals”, that I’m sure (now that I’ve thought about it) have boosted my “Life Force Energy”.

These “goals” have developed around becoming better as a Santa performer, better as a marketer, better as an actor, better as a person, and many other things revolving around portraying Santa & living true to my Higher Self.

How about you? Are you finding ways to increase your “Life Force Energy” through portraying & performing as Santa Claus?

Please share your thoughts/story.

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