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“Soup to Nuts Training for Santas & Mrs. Claus’ of ALL levels…”

With well over 1,000 active Santa & Mrs. Claus members worldwide the Santa Claus Conservatory is the world’s largest Santa Claus School and one of the largest Santa & Mrs. Claus membership groups in the world.


“Santa” Ed Taylor – Teacher/Mentor/Coach for Santas

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A 60 DAY BETTER THAN MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE… Watch as many of the sessions as you would like, (they currently cover 29 separate topics) if, at the end of 60 Days, you feel that you haven’t received your money’s worth simply request a refund and one will be issued no questions asked.

You get to benefit from anything you may have learned from the sessions you watched and you get your entire tuition refunded, hence BETTER the Money-Back Guarantee!

Who’s that? Does that exceed your expectations?

I hope so.

I’m confident that you will find way more value than your tuition… so confident I guarantee it!

The only caveat is this- You may NOT get a “Certificate of Completion” or display any of our “web badges” if you request a refund.

“I really enjoyed the video sessions. The marketing session was extremely helpful in getting ideas for my website. The sessions on corporate and community events have been valuable as well. Overall, this is a great way for a new Santa to launch.

I’m looking forward to being the best Santa I can be – thanks to these video sessions.”

Santa Kenny Hydock

Our mission is to be the most comprehensive, most convenient and least expensive school for professional Santas & Mrs Claus’ in the world.

We currently have 2 levels of membership…

The FREE Level– is, of course, FREE and as a Free Member, you receive immediate access to 4 excellent Santa Claus training sessions.

“18 Tips to Make this Your Best Santa Season Ever” which provides you with 2 tips from each of the 9 areas of our core curriculum.

You also receive the “101 Questions for Santa Claus (with Answers)”. This session is just what it sounds like. 101 of the most common questions Santa Claus gets asked along with answers you can use for each of the questions.

You also receive the amazing “Professional Santa Claus Season Debrief session we conducted in January of this year. In this session, professional Santas from across the country share their experiences of the 2016 Christmas season.

And this new “must watch” session “18 Common, Costly & Embarrassing Mistakes Made by Pro Santas & Mrs. Claus’”

Again, these sessions are ALL available right now absolutely FREESimply complete the green “Become a FREE Member” form on the right side of the website for immediate access.

The other level of membership is our GOLD Level.

As a Gold Member, you receive access to the sessions I already mentioned plus our 9 “core curriculum” sessions PLUS additional BONUS SESSIONS.

These 9 sessions are divided into 3 groups of 3 sessions.

The first is…
The “Santa’s Workshop Sessions” which includes:
CLASS 1- How to Set Up Your Santa Business to Maximize Your Fun & Income
CLASS 2- How to Market Your Santa Business for Maximum Fun & Income
CLASS 3- Home Visits- How to Book More & Perform Better

The 2nd group of 3 sessions is our “Internet and Corporate Relations” sessions which includes:
CLASS 1- How to Become an Extraordinary Santa Claus
CLASS 2- How to Use Video Chats to Boost Your Income While Having Fun from Home
CLASS 3- How to Book & Perform Corporate Visits

And then we have the “TV and Community Events Sessions”. Which includes:
CLASS 1- How to Get on TV for Fun and Profits
CLASS 2- How to Develop Other Revenue Sources as Santa Claus
CLASS 3- How to Book & Perform Community Events

Completion of these 9 sessions entitles you to a “Certificate of Completion” as well as a “web badge” that you can use on your website, and on social media, etc. (See examples below)

GOLD Membership for the remainder 2017 and all of 2018 is only $247.

And in addition to the 9 Core Curriculum Sessions, and 8 other sessions, as a GOLD MEMBER you also receive 4 more BONUS sessions.

  • “7 Ways to Add Thousands to Your Income this Santa Season”
  • “9 Tips to Earn More & Have More Fun as Santa”
  • “Beard Whitening & Care”
  • “Simple Sign Language for Santa & Mrs. Claus”
  • “Being Mrs. Claus”
  • “Being Santa Claus for Children with Special Needs”
  • Storytelling as Santa – The Coal Story
  • The Mistakes Santa’s Make Session (Santa’s from across the country share mistakes they’ve made as Santa.
  • Working with Photo Studios As Santa Claus
  • And “Storytelling As Santa Claus” – in this session you learn directly from several professional storytellers.

Again, all for only $247 (for the remainder of 2017 & ALL of 2018)

As a member at any level, you will easily access all of the sessions from your computer or mobile device at any time during 2017.

You will also have an opportunity to attend various live webinars that are offered to members of different levels throughout the year.

Join me and hundreds of others Santas in the Conservatory. 

If you have questions call or text me at 424-343-9555

“Santa Ed, To summarize all the great things I could say…..after attending other highly touted Santa Schools and buying the most highly touted Santa books/encyclopedias, you and your Conservatory have been my most valuable resource.

In our first year as Santa and Mrs, we far exceeded our expectations. Not sure of the final tally, but we have had several $1000 or more days. Most parties and events told us that we were the best ever. Many asking about booking us next season.

You really have helped us so much! I look forward to learning and implementing more of your information in 2017 that I just didn’t have time for in 2016. Happy New Year!”

Santa Gary Sisson

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You receive a PDF “Certificate of Completion” that when printed out is suitable for framing and a “badge” for your website.

If you have any questions, please…
or Call: 424-343-9555



What Santa’s are saying about the Conservatory…

Santa Ed,
Thanks so much for the great Santa business advice, tonight. Really enjoyed the session and see much value in each of the classes that you will make available in March, April, and May. I took your classes last year and highly recommend them and you.

Santa Andy Stratton

“Great class tonight Santa Ed. What an honor to be taught by such a great Santa. Thanks again I am glad I was home tonight and not on the road. I was able to learn some good stuff  Thanks again.”

Santa Chuck Hudgins

Santa Ed,
Your webinar tonight was very well done and you managed to stay on topic very well.  Your outline was very concise and I picked up several good tips.

I have followed your advice and Larry Hersberger at Kissing Tree Studio is helping me create a new website for and we will be adding an online store for all of the products I have for sale.

Speaking of Larry, thank you again for the wonderful plug you gave him and me during the webinar.  I really appreciate it, and I will be sure to tell him as well.

You did a great job and I am glad I signed in tonight.

Santa Cliff Snider

Thank you for another fine presentation. As you recall I participated in your webinar series last Spring and got so much out of them that really helped me during the past year and holiday season. Again tonight, though time restricted for each topic, I picked up several new ideas and bits of information for my Santa business. And I am one who knows first-hand how you will expand each of the topics in your upcoming webinars.

As always, I look forward to continued relations and necessary counselings with you.

Mel Koch
Santa Quincy

Thank you. I feel I picked up some useful ideas. I have been doing this for two seasons now. I am a part of the group called Lone Star Santa’s here in Texas. I personally am located in Fort Worth. Thank you for your enthusiastic example as well as encouragement to be myself. I have had a great time with kids, both young and old.

Mike Herrington